Mad Scientist Saz much has happened since I last posted an entry on here. Let's see...I'll do up a list:
1) I've become quite the entrepreneur at the weekend markets
2) I've started making and selling earrings again
3) I've gotten the multi-disciplined medical scientist job that I've waited all year for
4) I've completed and received my tax return - most of which will go towards my car loan
5) My mobile has been stuffed up due to some incompetent person in NSW who issued my number to someone else
6) Shaune's back in Perth but he's going away again really soon - thank Satan
7) Stabbed myself with a serated (gosh is that even how you spell it??) steak knife

Yes...I've been quite the busy little bumble bee. How did I stab myself with a steak knife? Let's just say it's left a jagged cut on my right hip so it looks like I've had a kidney removed and been stitched up. (It's not that bad!)

Just been really busy with work and making earrings lately. Acquiring more beads off ebay and a larger credit card bill. Barely have time to watch TV. But Stargate season 9 and Atlantis season 2 are starting to be put up on the net so gotta my hands on those to watch in a little while. Sweeeeeet =P~

Over and out swollen ostrich