Wednesday 17th Dec '08

Singapore Day 16

[0900hrs] Breakfast!

ham & cheese roll
tuna roll

You buy these little mini rolls at one of the bakeries in the basement of Lot 1 - SD$2.80 for five pieces - and you can mix and match.

[1200hrs] Lunch at Lot 1.

yong tau foo - SD$4.00

I had my usual pieces of yong tau foo, plus a piece of tofu stuffed with fish paste for Christina. This time the lady put my soup separate to my noodles, so I just tipped the soup into the bowl.

[1330hrs] Early afternoon snack.

salmon nigiri - SD$2.10

[1600hrs] Christina and I went to Lot 1 for a bit of shopping and then decided to have some sushi for afternoon tea. We'd been eyeing off the restaurant with the sushi belt for the past week and she wanted to eat there so we decided to go there.

Sakae Sushi

We were shown to a little booth that seats two. We immediately spied the computer mouse in the shape of a frogs head!

On the ledge to my left there was a little box that stored the disposable wood chopsticks and toothpicks. there was also a little hot water dispenser for us to use to make our own green tea when they brought us a tea bag. There were also the usual condiments: pickled ginger, wasabi, soy sauce.

miso soup

chuka kurage


salmon nigiri & crab nori roll

salmon mayo

tuna mayo


We used the computer to request our bill but we were in a rush to go so after waiting about five minutes and having no one attend to us, we got up to go to the counter ourselves.

[1630hrs] We went shopping for fruit at the supermarket. We were in charge of preparing the fruit platters for Mum’s birthday celebration tonight. Christina and I wandered around deciding which fruits to buy. We settled on tropical fruits since we were in Singapore. One problem…

How do we know if the fruit we’re buying is ripe?

Christina asked a few of the shop assistants as we picked up various things, but they weren’t too much help. So, we just did the best we could under the circumstances and then headed back to Aunty’s place.

[1800hrs] After rushing around, we finally had all the food prepared, but not before a few early guests had arrived. Aunty took care of most of the food.

tropical fruit platters
steamed siew mai
fried bee hoon
BBQ chicken wings
otak otak
deepfried spring rolls
black fungus & vermicelli stir fry

Aunty cooked the bee hoon and black fungus with vermicelli dishes. The siew mai came frozen in packets of ten and tasted quite nice. My cousin ordered the chicken wings and otak otak from across the street. I can’t get over how cheap the otak otak is!! They’re so expensive back home in Perth. My mum very rarely gets them for me when she goes to the Canningvale markets.

Our fruit platters consisted of the fruit we bought from the supermarket earlier today, and also whatever fruits we found in the kitchen. Mum had brought some fresh fruit with her from Perth.

star fruit
dragon fruit

These little fruit tarts were brought by my cousin and aunty - they sorta look naughty, don’t they!?

[2200hrs] As guests were getting ready to leave (most people had work the next day), we rushed to get the cake out. Christina and I had ordered it last week from the Four Leaves bakery.

Almond Fruit Sponge - SD$32.00

Jocelyn attempted to cut the cake, but after making a mess, I had to take over - hee hee!

[0000hrs] Mum and Aunty sat down to finish off the leftovers - or at least try!

Tuesday 16th Dec '08

Singapore Day 15


YAWN - it's hard work being a baby

[1230hrs] Christina, Jocelyn and I went to Lot 1 for lunch.

sliced fish soup with bee hoon - SD$5.50

Jocelyn had the beef ho fun

we shared an ice kachang & nata with lime & sago

[1300hrs] We walked around for a bit and saw this store selling fake bread and donuts. We've seen them everytime we've gone to eat at the food court but never really stopped to find out what they are. This day we did. A sales guy was outside the store with some of the 'donuts' on a tray as if they were real donuts, offering them to people. Turns out they're sort of like stress balls or you can use them as soft cushioning to rest your wrists when you're typing.

"would you like a donut?"

the Four Leaves bakery where I buy my breakfast from most days

[1430hrs] Sushi for my afternoon snack.

[1800hrs] Aunty got out her portable sphygmometer and held a clinic for us.

my results: 123/86

[2100hrs] Christina, Jocelyn and I went out for dinner at Chijmes.


It was unanimous - we all felt like pasta. Most restaurants in Chijmes were busy but when we strolled past Capella, there were only a few people dining outside. The prices were a tad on the expensive side, but it was nearing 9pm, we were hungry, and my feet were killing me (new shoes I was trying to break into).

As as aside, speaking of shoes...I have surrendered to the pointy-ended shoe. Partially because 90% of the shoes are now pointy-toed and partially because they do look sexy! I'm still against all the bling though.

Fergato di Anatra - SD$32.00
pan-seared duck liver served with sauteed leeks and marjoram-scented mango salsa

palette cleanser
apricot sorbet - complimentary

Tagliolini Seppie Nero con Frutti di Mare - SD$30.00
black ink tagliolini tossed with seafood, cherry tomatoes and baby spinach in light tomato sauce

I also had a glass of wine but did not make a note of what I had. It was an Italian wine, that's all I remember!

[2200hrs] We went to Baroque for a few drinks and were pretty much the only ones in the bar while the band continued to play as if they had drawn a full house. Most patrons were outside having their drinks, but I do think that it was starting to get busy just as we were leaving.

[2300hrs] David picked us up and brought us to a Belgian bar/bistro for supper and drinks.

Brussels Sprouts

Brussels Sprouts Platter - SD$28.00
Belgian cheese
rollmops on toast
ham, caper & gherkin salad on toast
slow braised pork belly with mustard
beer battered onion rings
grey shrimp egg mimosa

Mussels - entree size SD$18.50
I don't remember which serving style we had, but it was delicious!

We also had fries - big steak chips that were perfect with the beer. You get free refills of fries when you order them with mussels or clams! It says so on their website!!

The floor manager, Josiah, was extremely helpful in making beverage choices for us. Especially for Jocelyn because she's not a beer drinker and dislikes to even try them. He suggested fruit beers for David, Christina and Jocelyn - which they absolutely loved! - and a pilsner for me si5nce I really enjoy my Stella Artois. I had the Bavik Premium Pilsner (5.2%). Seriously, check out the beer list on their website.

The owner of Brussel Sprouts is Belgian and he's decked out one wall of the restaurant with a Tin Tin design! Josiah encouraged us to run inside to take photos when he realised how snap-happy we were!

All in all a really good night out - I've really enjoyed spending time going out with Jocelyn and Christina while we've been in Singapore together. We don't go out together in Perth because we have different interests, different friends and different lives. It's nice to have this opportunity to catch up, especially before Christina goes overseas to Canada to work in the new year.

Monday 15th Dec '08

Singapore Day 14

[1315hrs] I felt like some pasta today so I took the MRT to Holland Village for lunch.

Jelan Merah Saga

Da Paolo La Terrazza

To start off, I ordered a glass of the house wine - an Italian Riesling - SD$10.00 - quite nice.

Insalata di Fegato d'Anatra all'Aceto Balsamico eMiele
mixed greens, pan seared duck liver, green apple & honey-balsamic vinegar dressing - SD$28.00

Linguine alle Vongole
linguine with fresh clams, garlic, chilli & white wine - SD$24.00

dessert lychee sorbet - SD$8.00
digestif limoncello - SD$10.00

The macchiato I ordered was superb!

[1500hrs] I walked a few streets over and had a few cocktails while working on a crossword puzzle.

chocolate martini
lychee martini
watermelon martini

I'm sitting in a bar in Holland Village. We've just had a huge downpour. It's been raining most of the day. Much like my mood.

I headed out on my own today to try to destress and try to get rid of the tightness I felt in my chest. I've never gotten along with my mum as well as I would like to. I suppose mostly because I am too independent and prefer to do things for myself and not let her "fuss" over me. I think she is mad at me because of this. She truly believe that she feels that I think I am too good for her and don't need her like Christina and Jocelyn do. She's always wanted me to set an example for my sisters yet when I try, it gets thrown back in my face - as if I'm just a child who doesn't know what I'm doing. I hate that Mum can't be more proud of me for me who I am and what I have achieved on my own.

I thought I'd give her the benefit of the doubt and and book my holidays to stay in Singapore for a month in order to be here to celebrate her birthday with her. I should have gone with my gut instinct and made other holiday plans like I had considered.

With Jocelyn and Christina gone, I will be really uncomfortable staying at my Aunty's place with my mum barely talking to me. So...I have made reservations at a hotel for the last several days of my stay after Christmas. It's for the best...

"The one you fight with the most is the one most like you" - a line from the '4 Christmases' movie.

some pretty pictures...

[1900hrs] Took the MRT to Yishun to meet our cousins on my Dad's side, Malcolm and Lisa, for dinner. We walked to the nearby mall to have Thai food.

Sakura Cuisine

pineapple rice

fried rice

Thai green chicken curry

steamed whole fish

tofu & vegetable stirfry

tom yum soup

Christina's fresh coconut juice

The food was fantastic!!!

After dinner, we went to Malcolm and his fiancee's (Li Ming) new apartment. Malcolm is an avid fan of keeping fish but we tried to keep our 'fish talk' to a minimum so as not to bore everyone else.

Malcolm's fish tank filter

a photo of everyone with Malcolm's fish tank
- we've blocked the fish tank from view!

Unfortunately...I started to feel sick (no one else was) so I think perhaps the tom yum soup didn't agree with me. The trip home on the MRT made things worse and I now have my 'most embarrassing moment' story to share. At least one that I can remember.

I was halfway down the stairs, Christina infront of me, Jocelyn behind. I couldn't keep it down...I put my hand to my mouth and felt it fill with vomit. I felt the vomit ooze out between my fingers and before I knew it, I hurled up down the stairs, Christina not entirely missing the crossfire. (I'm gagging as I relive this so I hope you appreciate me suffering through this again for your entertainment). I rushed down the stairs as fast as I could, grabbing the bag Christina was thrusting at me. I managed to get through the exit, my MRT swipecard was in my hand - I don't think I could have rummaged through my bag for it. I made it out of the MRT station and onto the footpath before I threw up again, Christina and Jocelyn behind me - laughing and taking photos - WAH!