Friday 10th April '09

Lobster & Baked Potatoes
Garlic, Rosemary & Chilli Butter

I went to Progressive IGA yesterday and bought EIGHT cooked lobsters for only $9.99 each!! I would have probably bought more but there was a maximum limit of eight per person. Yay!

Andrea did a food run to Han's Cafe and so I didn't have to worry about preparing something for dinner at work tonight.

Singapore Noodles

Thursday 9th April '09

This morning I went outside to water the few plants I have remaining in my garden (I sent most of them to Ling and Shallen's place). I was thrilled to see that one of my zucchinis is big enough to harvest!

perfect zucchini!

Farfalle with Prawns, Cherry Tomatoes, Zucchini & Garlic

I also stirred through some grated pecorino and freshly cut chillies.

It's I bought a pair of bunny ears from Red Dot and decided to wear them at work tonight. Half the time I forgot I was wearing them, until I got amused smiles from people who saw me.

Wednesday 8th April '09

Cheese Tortellini with Spring Vegetables Soup

Tuesday 7th April '09

This afternoon I went outside and picked all the blossoming flowers from my zucchini plant and Mum’s pumpkin plant. I don’t have time to try cooking them, but I’m going to take them to Mrs Pelle so they don’t go to waste wilting in my garden while I’m gone.

By the way...if you all didn’t yet know, I’m leaving after Easter to go on a three week cruise to *drum roll... HAWAII.

At Mr and Mrs Pelle’s place, we had a few coffees and I fell in love with the biscuits that Mrs Pelle’s friend made. They were butter cookies covered in sugar, but they were quiet soft and melted in your mouth like shortbread. Yum!

When Marissa dropped by after work, we all had another coffee and watched the Italian “Ready Steady Cook” on their satellite TV. I was so hungry just thinking of eating the food...I had to rush home to make some pasta for dinner.

Spaghetti with Chicken & Mushroom

Monday 6th April '09

Today I woke up, Lisa made me breakfast in bed – no wait...I wish it was breakfast in bed! I had toast with apricot jam and a cup of tea.

I went to the city to run some errands and met up with Benoit and Ivy for lunch.

We went to a food court near where they work down Hay Street. It was busy with everyone trying to get lunch at the same time. We found somewhere to sit and while Benoit ordered, I go to check out the cute guys who work in this part of the city. It wouldn’t be so bad if I left my job and found one in the city...the commute would be a bit inconvenient though...but I suppose it would help me get used to the lifestyle I’d have when I go work in Europe.

And the hot guys! Cute guys in their trousers and ironed shirts. Looking so handsome and smart...yummy *drool*

Oh,..the food was good too!

myself - Seafood Laksa

This was such a big serve and it was just as delicious as it looked! I was really impressed with the presentation – all the colours and the ingredients were fresh.

Benoit & Ivy - they shared Pad Thai noodles

My photo’s a bit blurry because I was rushing to take the photo so we could all chow down.

In the evening, Ling came over to take my herb garden back to his place so he and Shallen can look after them while I’m away on my next trip – and hopefully they’ll get around to using them in the kitchen too! It was a gorgeous sight to see them all in the boot of Ling’s car. I’ll miss my babies...

For dinner, I picked up some roasted meats from the Good One on Albany Highway, Victoria park. Some of us were catching up at Benoit and Ivy’s place tonight. I also picked up some kai lan from the Chinese shop for Benoit to cook so we didn’t get overloaded with just meat.

1kg Roast Pork
1/2kg Roast Duck
Steamed Kai Lan

Sunday 5th April '09

AGNI Fine Cuisine in Innaloo

Tonight I joined the Osborne Park Haematology bunch for their monthly dinner. They each take it in turns to pick a cuisine and restaurant each month. We all had the buffet for $35. The restaurant was pretty spacey, but there was us - a table of ten - and a few other smaller tables of two or three. Just as well it was quiet - it meant there was no queue for the food!

You can view their menu at the website (click on the title link) but the prices must have changed since then because we paid $35 for the buffet and the online pdf menu says it's $30 per person.

Round One
Potato Pakora
Tandoori Chicken
Butter Chicken
Beef Vindaloo
Lamb Kheema
Aromatic Basmati Rice with Spices
Chickpea Salad

Everyone was steering clear of the vindhaloo because it was reputed to be really hot, but I loved it! It was so deliciously spicy, and the beef was tender. I loved the potato pakora - basically deep fried slices of potato - because it was perfect for dipping in the sauces. Perfectly healthy too, I imagine heh

Round Two
Goan Fish Curry
Vegetable Jhalfrazi
Zeera Aloo
Dhal Basanthi
more Eggplant & Potato Pakora

I don't remember the name of the eggplant dish - but it was my favourite!

"What you lookin' at?"
photo by: Lisa K.

an artsy fartsy photo by: Lisa K.

Round Three - Dessert
Green Jelly!!
Fresh Fruit
some sort of cake
Mango 'MooseJelly'
some sort of pureed Carrot & Sultanas dish

I loved the green jelly and mango pudding. It tasted like mango pudding, but the menu says 'Mango MooseJelly' - haha - perhaps they meant 'mousse jelly'??

Back at Lisa's, we had a cuppa, watched about half an hour of the Shawshank Redemption on TV and then called it a night.

Saturday 4th April '09

For lunch at work today, I enjoyed the leftovers from our dinner last night. I did have some roast chicken that I'd made to eat for lunch, but that went into the freezer for another day.

After work, I headed over to Vincent, Victoria and Vernon's place to have dinner there. I'd picked up some cooked Exmouth prawns and peeled them while Vincent helped Vernon with the pasta. I got Victoria to go outside, where Vincent was showing Vernon how to make the sauce, and give him a cooking tip.

Victoria: "Vernon, did you know that you can only stir clockwise? If you stir anti-clockwise it will moosh up the sauce."

Vernon: no reply...he continued to stir the sauce.

Victoria: "Vernon, did you hear me? You can only stir clockwise."

Vernon: "This is clockwise, isn't it?"

*Sarena rolls around on floor laughing*

Vernon's San Remo Beef Ravioli
with Minced Beef, Mushroom & Tomato Sauce

For the prawns, I came up with a dipping sauce. Japanese mayo, white vinegar, wasabi paste and a squeeze of fresh lemon. Yum!

Vincent made some delicious potato patties

It was a yummy meal!


They have a Nespresso machine! Victoria made me an expresso. It was really really good! I was tempted to buy one before...but now I want one even more!

the 'pod's for the Nespresso

the 'pod' after it's been used...
the machine must puncture holes in it, then the hot water
passed through it and through the coffee...
and into my mug with perfect crema

there's a frother to make cappuccinos

We took a drive to the video store, then back at home we agreed that Victoria should make us crepes for dessert. While she flipped the crepes, I made the berry coulis - frozen berries, castor sugar, a splash of water and balsamic vinegar. Just let it simmer on a low heat until it reduces and thickens. We had the crepes with the berry coulis, creme brulee ice cream and a sprinkling of icing sugar.

Back at home, I made some pasta for lunch tomorrow at work. My parsley has been growing wild so I decided to use it tonight.

Spaghetti with Garlic, Parsley, Chilli, Prawns & Scallops

Friday 3rd April '09

Morning Tea
Baker's Delight Spinach Scones with Butter

Tonight after work I'd organised a wine tasting with Romanet to be held at Ling and Shallen's place. We were going to have a quick pot luck dinner before the wine rep was due to arrive.

Myself - Thai Chicken Basil
I rushed to make this after work.
The bamboo was an excellent addition!

Ling & Shallen - Beef Stew
This has beautiful star anise flavours - delicious!

Kong - Mince & Vegetable Pasties
The crisp pastry was perfect for soaking up all
the delicious sauces on our plates.

Noel & Fleurette - this gorgeous couple brought several dishes!

Chicken Manchurian

Egg Vindhaloo

Pepper Water
You add this to the basmati rice to moisten it.
It was made with an aromatic blend of spices.

Okra Curry
I didn't get a photo of this...but I need to get this recipe!!

MY PLATE with a bit of everything!

This pot luck dinner was such a huge success!! We all brought a different dish that was just as aromatic, spicy and delicious as the next. Our senses were overwhelmed with all the flavours and spices! Perfect to enjoy some wine with. It's a pity we had to rush a bit, but we managed to finish before the wine rep arrived.

After dinner, we had a workout on the Wii.

Thursday 2nd April '09

Baked Salmon with a sprinkle of Cheese

I baked the salmon in the oven last night and brought it to work for lunch today. I had some grated cheese in the fridge at work, so decided on a whim to melt some onto the salmon. Was quite nice!

I've been searching for tortellini EVERYWHERE!

Marissa and Teresa have also been looking for some, but to no avail. The stores where we used to buy it from no longer seem to stock them. I've seen in Coles that Barilla have started making some, but was reluctant to try it. However, I decided to finally give it a go today.

Chicken & Vegetable Soup with Tortellini

Just as I thought, the tortellini wasn't as good as the ones I used to buy. Really expensive too...about $5 for the packet.

Sirloin with Mushroom Gravy
Peas & Corn

I was too tired to fuss with dinner tonight, so went with a simple steak dinner. Frozen peas, corn and Gravox's roasted meat gravy.

Wednesday 1st April '09

Toasted Ham, Sundried Tomato & Cheese Roll

Continental Cup-A-Soup Creamy Mushroom
Christina's Sundried Tomato & Olive Quiche

After work today, I headed over to Vernon, Victoria & Vincent's place where we were going to make dinner tonight. Vincent, Vernon and I walked to the shops to get groceries.

Back at home, Vernon was my soux chef. I had him wash, chop and prepare all the food. I convinced him that it's normal practice to dry the basil with a hair dryer. *giggle*

We brushed the chicken thighs with honey, then I had a brainwave - let's stuff some fresh basil and garlic cloves beneath the skin. So he did. He had to rebrush the chicken with honey again afterwards.

Victoria & Vernon

Vernon eating the chicken fat I'd trimmed off the thighs

Into the oven until the skin turned almost black from the honey. The skin's the best bit!

Roasted Honey Glazed Chicken with Basil & Garlic
Roasted Carrots, Potato & Garlic
Steamed Broccoli

For dessert, Victoria made crepes, with me as her soux chef. She made the crepes and by the fourth one, she was an expert! We layered sliced banana on top, then sprinkled some chocolate over and served with walnuts, creme brulee flavoured ice cream, and some overcooked chocolate sauce that looked like dog poo.