Job Interview

Today I had my interview for a multi-disciplined medical scientist at work. I was getting so nervous the closer it got to 11am...but when I saw the interviewing panel, I was a bit relieved. It consisted of the senior-scientist-in-charge, the scientist in charge of transfusion, and a senior medical scientist - all of whom I've had the pleasure to work with. Although I felt nervous and was trying to not fidget with my hands under the table (I know what you're thinking Shaune - not that type of fidgeting - har har), the interview went pretty well, I reckon. I felt comfortable with the questions that they asked me because I've covered them either at uni or while I've been working there as a laboratory assistant. I have a good feeling about this...fingers crossed =)

I cleaned out my wardrobe tonight - my room was like a warzone with boxes of glass jars and paper crafts everywhere. I had a very narrow path between piles of boxes from my wardrobe to my door and computer. But luckily we managed to sign a treaty by about 1:30am and I am now relaxing with a glass of cab sav (red wine, for those who aren't wine-savvy) and a tasting plate. Mmm octopus =P~~

Gonna head down to the markets this Sunday morning to see if I can make some money from my knick knacks. I'm also going to try to sell some of my stars and perhaps jewellery if I have time to make any before then. So...depending on how it goes on Sunday, I may perhaps think about making it more of a part time hobby to make some income on the side.


Made my first E-Bay purchase today! That's right...100 skeins of DMC cotton with free shipping! Can't wait for them to arrive!

Nothing exciting has happened this weekend...just work as usual. I had a craving for spaghetti bolognaise tonight so I've cooked the mince...and it's sitting on the kitchen bench waiting to be made. I'll get around to it soon...

So sleepy...must sleep in tomorrow! Whee! It's freezing - I feel like I have frostbite in my right hand. Won't say where the left one is =P

The DMC skeins I bought...except I'll be choosing what colours I need for my cross stitch projects Posted by Hello

Saz the Wino

A quiet night at work tonight...managed to get home on time. Had my favourite spicy vietnamese beef noodles tonight. With 3/4 of a bottle of chardonnay. Watching Babylon 5 as I eat and drink...makes me think...

When I drink I start feeling a bit lonely. I was watching 'Cold Squad' one night and the lead actress said 'there's a difference between being lonely and being alone'. Most of the time i am just alone. But when I have a few drinks I start to feel lonely. And reminiscent. I'll know when I've found the right guy when I find myself in this situation: he goes to bed while I stay up to watch a couple of Star Trek episodes and eat my dinner with a few glasses ofwine. And he won't complain when I come to bed smelling like chilli and wine. I should cut down the amount of chilli I eat to avoid getting a stomach ulcer...

I'm not unhappy with my life right now. I just worry that I will run out of time to do the things that I want to do. That I won't be able to adhere to the timeline that I have mapped out. Even with a bit of give...there does not seem to be much hope of it working out the way I have loosely planned it. I'm not going to measure my happiness based on my career - although that seems to be going in the right direction. I'm going to measure it based on my happiness in regards to finding someone to share a family with. I can't wait to have a family of my own.

This is all the wine talking.

Half a glass left to go. Then perhaps I will get some sleep tonight.

Stupid Snails

Dear Diary,

Tonight I picked up some spag bol on the way home from work and I went outside into the garden to pick a couple of chillies from the plant. I was feeling so happy with myself for managing to pick two big chillies in the dark...and when I got inside I almost cried because I found a little snail on one of the chillies! =/ After I recovered from the shock, I boiled some water and drowned that wretched little slimer and disinfected my chillies and had them with my dinner - mmmm =P~~

I had half a bottle of wine to go with dinner. I really should lay off the wine...we went through four bottles on Saturday night - two at dinner and then we picked up two Tyrell's 1996 Chardonnays and took them to karaoke afterwards. Drank every last drop. And I imagine I threw up every last drop the next day. But it was such a great night! Aside from not going far enough to make the stupid restaurant manager cry - she had no idea what she was doing so we gave her the sympathy vote.

I was given an indian name tonight at work - Rabid Rabbit. All because of my new Swatch watch that I wear. You tap it and the hands swing around to select which sexual position you should attempt, as illustrated by the rabbits in the clock face. A brilliant invention. Great for the indecisive.

I have begun watching Babylon 5...I must admit I am getting addicted to the bad acting, lame scientific jokes and crude special effects. Chief Geraboldi (however you spell his name) reminds me of Luke Groundrunner from the Thumbwars movie. I think he's the only character worth watching.

Okies...time to silence that ever complaining Shuane. He thinks he's God but we'll go along with it since he never got to play with any barbies when he was a little girl growing up.

This is Shaune - isn't he pretty? Posted by Hello

Entry #1

I've finally set up my own to figure out what I'm going to write in here. I guess I can write anything because no one's going to be reading it anyways. It'll be my online diary perhaps. Yes...coz I want the whole internet world to be able to access my deepest darkest personal thoughts...yes...

Well I'm currently relaxing with a few glasses of Olive Farm Chardonnay from the Swan Valley in Western Australia, which lies somewhere on the Swan River and is reachable by boat. That is how I got there to purchase a case of their wine. Now I sound like a travel brochure. It was a river cruise with ppls from work - was soooo fun. We sure got our alcohol's worth - I mean money's worth of alcohol - on that trip. Found out the next time I was at work that one of the girls fell on her face in the carpark after we went for drinks and she was bleeding profusely from the nose. Funny.

I just found out tonight at work that Tom Cruise is with Katie Holmes. *shudder* And like I was telling an insignificant dogly (oops do I mean godly?) figure earlier, being the scientologist that he is, I guess he is expecting the aliens to come and fix Katie's face, just as he thought they would come and fix Penelope Cruz's face. You'd think he'd learn.

It's taking too long to get that 'hello' programme so that I can put a few pictures shall have to wait.'s about 2:30am and I'm getting sleepy. *yawn*