Friday 2nd March 2012


I had a gorgeous roll (with butter) from Four Leaves Bakery for breakfast.

My cousin took us out for a proper breakfast!
Rice Flour Roll

Shui Kueh

For brunch, my cousin took me to this gorgeous cafe called Antoinette.

I don't have much of a sweet tooth nowadays and didn't want to eat any of these gorgeous cakes, but I loved the colours and the decor of the place. Rochelle Adonis has nothing on this place!

We shared the Spaghetti Marinara.

Washed down with a coffee at a local cafe.

I caught up with Benoit and Ivy and we started our afternoon of snacking with Yakitori!

Then we went to Din Tai Fung for some dumplings!

Love watching the chefs bustling around in the transparent
kitchen to prepare all the little morsels of gastronomy!

We wandered around in the basement food level of Takashimaya - food heaven!

Octopus tentacles for sale!

Lenards Chicken products have even made their way into the deli section!
Check out the price for an enchilada - $5.50 each - ouch!

My cousin picked me up in the early evening and we had a snack.

We caught up with the cousins at Resorts World on Sentosa
and had dinner in the Malaysian Food Street food court.

I waited in line for about twenty minutes for the Fried Kuay Teow.
Worth the wait!