Friday 29th January 2010

I've really been craving iced coffees lately. So, I bought a carton of soy milk and have been trying it out at home.

I use the same amount of coffee and sugar but only add a few tablespoons of boiling water. Just enough to melt the coffee. Then I add lots of ice blocks, pour in cold soy milk and add a few big scoops of vanilla ice cream. Yum!

Portuguese roasted Chicken Drumsticks
with Carrots & Potatoes

I seasoned the chicken drumsticks with Masterfoods Portuguese chicken seasoning and olive oil. Into the oven with carrots and parboiled potatoes tossed in butter. About half an hour into cooking, I poured a bit of Vegeta stock over the chicken. I have found that doing this keeps the vegetables from drying out.

Thursday 28th January 2010

Chicken, Mushroom & Asparagus Farfalle

At work, my assistant Natalie *hee hee* went for a stroll to post a letter for me and grab me an ice coffee from Dome.

Soy Ice Coffee

After a busy night at work, I couldn't find the energy to make anything for dinner so I put together a small platter.

Salmon Cream Cheese
Goats Fetta
Chillies in Lime & Tequila

Campari & Orange Juice with fresh Mint

Wednesday 27th January 2010

Last night I had to think of something to bring to work for Kym's farewell lunch. I haven't been grocery shopping for some time now so I was delighted to find the bare essentials required to make some quiche.

Blind baked the shortcrust pastry.

Mushrooms & Onion
Ham & Asparagus

I sauteed the mushrooms with red onion, then I sauteed the asaparagus. The ham I just chopped up.

Pour in a mixture of cream, eggs, cracked black pepper and ground nutmeg.

I decorated the tops with a few slices of mushroom and asparagus to be able to tell them apart after they're cooked.



As usual, everyone did a great job with bringing something in to share.

Adrijana's Croatian cakesSavoury Bread Scroll
TabboulehSara's Mum's Quiche
Leah's Fairy BreadNatalie's Caramel Slice
Vietnamese Spring RollsGarlic & Chives Cheese with Crackers
Pizza from Dominosmy Quiche

Tuesday 26th January 2010


Everyone seemed to be content staying in today and avoiding the crowds at the Skyworks. I went to a BBQ at the Lim's place.

I made some potato salad at Aunty Jane's request.

Potatoes, boiled Eggs and sauteed Speck
dressing: seeded mustard, white wine vinegar, fresh thyme from the garden


There was a kiwi girl at work last year who claimed that our potato chips were nothing compared to these chips in New Zealand called 'Grainwaves'. She promised to send us some to try when she flew back to New Zealand, but we're still waiting! I tried them today at the BBQ and there's really nothing special about them. Sure, they're moorish, but nothing special.

Spot the difference.

Lamb cutlets
Pork ribs
Chicken sausages
Mee Goreng
Mango Salad
Potato Salad

The mango salad was divine!!

Monday 25th January 2010

Toasted Wholemeal Sandwiches!
Ham, Tomato & Cheese
Ham, Onion & Cheese

Fleurette and I took our babies for their first outing in a public place today. I went to pick her and Spectra up, then the four of us drove to the Dome in Southern River. Simba and Spectra sat in the back.

At the cafe, we were a bit worried that Simba and Spectra might be noisy and bark at everything and everyone, so we were prepared to turn straight around and go home if that should happen. But no, they were both so fascinated at being in a new place that they both behaved themselves beautifully! Simba wanted to sit on my lap so that he could see all the cars and trucks drive by. Spectra was tall enough to jump up and lean against the wall to see for herself.

The waitress brought us some gloves, paper bags and two containers of water for the dogs. So sweet!

We felt like such yuppies - like those mothers who bring their babies out in prams to have a coffee. But it was really fun!

I had an iced coffee with soy milk.

Yes, that's right. Soy. I'm getting used to it and my ever increasingly lactose intolerant body is thanking me for it!

They behaved themselves so well on the car ride home.
They just sat there, happily panting and looking out the windows.


Tonight we got together for dinner at Ling and Shallen's place in anticipation for the day off tomorrow - Australia Day!

I couldn't pass up these fresh figs at the shops.


Marie, welcome back to Perth!