Sunday 27th Jan '08


My mum and I were in for a treat today as Jocelyn and David were making us some Thai dishes for lunch that they had learnt to prepare when they were on holidays in Thailand recently. After hours in the kitchen, we all sat down to enjoy the finished results.

Chicken & Galangal Coconut Soup

Pad Thai

Thai Rubies in Sweetened Coconut Milk

After spending most of the evening feeling nauseas (I reckon it was from having too much coconut when I finished off the soup at lunch), I managed to overcome the urge to throw up to make dinner and keep it down. I was soooo hungry!!

Saturday 26th Jan '08


Today I spent most of the day cleaning the house again. I've accumulated a growing pile of bric-a-brac in a corner of the house for our intended garage sale when I get back from my Singapore holiday. I've sort of been stone-walled for now though because I have to wait till Christina gets back from her holidays to go through her stuff in the store room and see what she intends to keep.

In the evening my mum and I went to a family friend's place for a BBQ. The Asian custom being to never go to someone's house empty handed, my mum made Rojak and I fashioned a gourmet platter from the cold meats and cheeses I had purchased at Charlies earlier in the week.

There was heaps to eat at the BBQ before the hot food was even ready. After we were all fed, the kids and I retired to the games room and worked off some calories playing the Eyetoy. There's my exercise for the month.

Thursday 24th Jan '08

Today's specials at Sarena's Bistro:


Italian Bread with sliced tomato, chopped fresh Basil & Bocconcini
- ovenbaked and drizzled with extra virgin olive oil

Gourmet Potato Wedges
seasoned with rosemary & seasalt


Spaghetti Marinara
- baby octopus, baby squid, snapper, & cockles in a rich tomato & basil sauce

Wednesday 23rd Jan '08

Marissa, Teresa and I went to IKEA today for some home supplies and to check out some furniture. We may wait for the new store to open to see if what we want will be on sale. We gave in to the lure of the one dollar hotdog after going through the checkout and DOH! - one just wasn't enough! I wanted another one!!

Back at Marissa's, we had lunch of gazpacho and pepperonata with Lebanese bread. Needless to say, we wiped our bowls clean.

For dinner, I made one of my faves - spicy beef rice noodle soup.

Tuesday 22nd Jan '08

Tonight's dinner menu:

Smoked Salmon Slices

Tempura Zucchini, Eggplant & Carrot

with a Thai inspired dipping sauce

Gourmet Potato Wedges
with Rosemary & Sea Salt Seasoning

Monday 21st Jan '08

After work I went grocery shopping on the way home and bought a lobster for $10 at Coles on sale. At home, I spent the evening cleaning and only realised just how hungry I was at 8:50pm. Yikes!

I decided to make a dipping sauce to go with my lobster: soy sauce, fish sauce, lime juice and chilli. I deepfried some eggplant chunks to complete my meal.

Sunday 20th Jan '08

Upon getting home from dinner last night, I stayed at Marissa's halfway-house. We were all so tired, we all pitched in to make up the futon bed and all went our separate ways to pass out. In the morning, Marissa had to go to work, but Teresa made me a delicious breakfast - sorta like an omelette with her pepperonata and poached eggs underneath. Yum Yum Yum!! I am sooo spoiled when I stay over there!

After breakfast Teresa and I went to Charlie's for some shopping. I stocked up on:

a similar meat that tastes like bacon (at Teresa's recommendation)
grated pecorino
goat's cheese
Italian bread

They'll make an Italian out of me yet!

After dropping Teresa off, I went to pick up Sarah and we headed into the city for our eagerly awaited day spa treatment at Ella Bache. Being Sarah's first day spa, she was really excited! I couldn't wait for the pampering.

After almost four hours of relaxation, we walked to a few Japanese restaurants for dinner, but they were all closed! What is it with Japanese restaurants being closed on the particular days Sarah and I try to go to one!?? Even the ones in Victoria Park were closed, except for Kabuki. We were so thankful we managed to find somewhere to get our Japanese fix. Of course, I ordered the Unagi Don, Sarah ordered the Katsu Chicken Don Set and we shared a serving of Salmon Sashimi.

Later at home, Jocelyn was making a cake for her friend's birthday and because it was last minute, we had to make do decorating it with some lollies she found in the pantry.

I made a loch ness monster out of an Allen's snake.

Saturday 19th Jan '08

The weather was absolutely perfect today as we drove into the Swan Valley to have lunch at the Valley View Restaurant. We drove past and saw some people having lunch on the front verandah and turned back.

entrees: Sarah - deep fried crumbed camembert or brie (I forget which)
Myself - the chicken liver pate.

the chicken liver pate

mains: Sarah - Surf 'n' Turf
Ben - Burger
Myself - Calamari Salad

On the way back from lunch, we stopped to buy some fruit and vegies, as well as visiting a few antique stores on Guildford Road.

Later in the evening, Marissa, Teresa, Maria and I dined at Just in Como - a restaurant commended for its tapas. We were really looking forward to the evening but things turned ugly before we even got there. We were running about five to ten minutes late and, out of courtesy, rang to inform them but were met with rudeness. As if this was not enough to deter us from eating there, when we arrived we were shown to a high table right in the centre of the tiny restaurant where we felt we were in the way of everyone walking past. Just to get to my seat, I had to walk around the whole room.

The food was not the best we had, despite the rave reviews online and in the STM recently. To start us off, they brought us a little shooter of gazpacho which was devine! One of the tapas was tuna that tasted like charcoal. The pork dish was dry and flavourless. The lentils and rocket salad were probably my favourite - hardly worth going out to a restaurant for. I think the consensus amongst us was that the carpaccio was probably the best dish. We were very disappointed that after catering for Maria's gluten-free diet the last time she was there, they did nothing for her this time even though she had given them several days' notice. They still charged her the full price when she was not able to eat three of the eleven courses.

In saying all that, the presentation of the dishes was asthetically pleasing. It would be a great place to go for an informal meal and the idea of being surprised with the chef's creations is fantastic. The wait staff were also extremely friendly and polite to us, but we found the owner Charles Boog rather seedy and aloof, for lack of a better description.

Perhaps we will have better luck there next time, although I don't think we will be going back there anytime soon.

Friday 18th Jan '08

Tonight we celebrated Fee's birthday at Seizan in the city. I of course ordered my current Japanese favourite - Unagi. I intend to find the time to buy some eel in several week's time (when I return from my Singapore holiday) and prepare my own unagi dinner. *drools at the thought*

Tonight had originally been planned for the girls night out I was organising. So after dinner, Sarah, Fleurette and I headed to Carnegie's to dance the night away. Alas, not before a moment of silliness amongst us girls at the end of the table...

...That silliness did not end there. After an exhausting night of dancing to awesome classic 70's, 80's and 90's songs, we collapsed onto a bench outside the pub and inadvertently attracted the attention of passing cars when we were taking silly photos. *grin*

We met up with the guys and had supper at the Moon Cafe before heading back to Ben and Sarah's to crash.

Thursday 17th Jan '08

After work today, I went to Marissa's place and we went to pick up some takeaway from the Good One on Albany Highway in Victoria Park. They do really good bbq meats there...hence the name!?

Teresa made a quick refreshing salad and drink for us while we were getting the food. We polished off practically everything. I had to roll over to the couch for a cup of tea.

Wednesday 16th Jan '08

Spaghetti Bolognaise for lunch today!! I ran out of the grated pecorino cheese so grated parmesan cheese had to suffice.

Tuesday 15th Jan '08

I sure love my minestrone. I've been trying to cut down on the amount of pasta I eat lately so I've not been putting any tortellini into my minestrone. For lunch I finished the rest of the minestrone I cooked yesterday.

As for dinner, I whipped up a simple spaghetti bolognaise and some chicken sausages with more of the pane di casa bread. I had a craving for the chicken sausages since Teresa had cooked us some for breakfast on the weekend when I stayed over.

Monday 14th Jan '08

Tonight I made some minestrone and served it with a mini pane di casa roll and olive oil with balsamic vinegar.

Saturday 12th Jan '08


Tonight we celebrated Sijka's belated coming of age in Hawaiin style. I for once was driving so only had a few drinks. But we had a great time belting out all the hits and impressing the older generation present with our oldies song repertoire.

The finger food was yummy!!

Sara trying to get her spilt jelly shot off Sijka.

Friday 11th Jan '08


Tonight Kylie, Lisa, Tom, Bronwyn and myself were invited to Marissa's to sit down to a delicious dinner prepared by Teresa.


We had a delicious pasta with octopus and a vegetarian risotto. *drool*

We ended the night with Lisa and Marissa singing karaoke haha =)

Wednesday 9th Jan '08

Today I made some rice noodle soup with pork belly and cabbage. I made the soup by boiling the pork belly strips in some water with garlic, samba oelek, star anise, fish sauce and soy sauce. Serve with some fresh coriander and chilli.

After dinner, I went to see Marissa and Teresa. I was just in time for dessert!! Teresa whipped up (literally) some ricotta - I forget what else was in it - and we had it served with fresh mango. Yummy!! It was so incredibly light that it felt like we were eating breakfast.

Tuesday 8th Jan '08

Tonight I was too tired and lazy to make anything for dinner. So I cheated with a can of 'Chicken Tonight' and made some creamy mushroom chicken.

Saturday 5th January '08


I had the honour of helping to organise Benoit's bucks day and we began with waterskiing and a BBQ.

Afterwards, some of us headed to Cottlesloe Beach and survived a beating in the waves. We then headed home to recoup and change before the party.

Now...we all know what happens at a bucks party stays at a bucks party. Thus, I cannot show any photos of the drag queen stripper we hired to strip to ABBA's 'Dancing Queen'. However, the neighbours may have been missing a few lemons from their tree, there was no more tequila left and substituting salt for coleslaw when doing tequila shots isn't such a great idea.


Just take my word for it that the bucks got what was coming to him and judging by the photo of him below...I'd say he was content by the end of the night. Exhausted, a little drunk after a few beers, but content.

Friday 4th Jan '08

Today I spent doing alot of grocery shopping for Benoit's Bucks tomorrow. For dinner I made a warm baby octopus salad served with a wholemeal roll and olive oil with balsamic vinegar.

Thursday 3rd Jan '08

After a sleep in, I spent most of the day organising and preparing for Benoit's Bucks Day approaching quickly this weekend!

I love the Corningware dishes I bought for my mum from Singapore. They're sooo incredibly cheaper over there and worth lugging across on the plane. I made a roast beef with potatoes in the smallest dish and then used the juices from the roast to make homemade gravy! It worked out better this time - only a few small lumps - haha! However, I overdid the chilli flakes so the sisters thought it was too hot for them. Yum!

Wednesday 2nd Jan '08

Today I slept in after a long call out. After some housework and grocery shopping, I headed over to Sarah's and we made a huge steak dinner!

We had it served with mashed potatoes, corn, cheese cauliflower and garlic bread.

Monday 31st Dec '07


Tonight after work, I rushed over to Marissa's New Years Eve party at her new house. There was so much food! I brought over my karaoke system because I knew Marissa would have some fun with that.

I think Marissa is stealing peri peri sauce from Nando's

I honestly don't know where 2007 went. Albeit cliche and all, the year's just flown by. I kept myself busy trying to create a balance between work, my social life, and rest. I know I could work on my sleep habits but with the night shift, I just need those days where I sleep half the day away. With such a busy schedule, I find that nowadays I have less and less time to wallow in thought about where my life is headed and how I'm going to fulfil my goals - hell, I'm not even sure what some of my goals are anymore.

I do know that even though I complain about my family alot, I am slowly coming to terms with our differences and trying to be more tolerable at home. I think that my Dad is currently a very negative influence in my life and this year I may have to seriously think about how I'm going to go about finding my own place AND be able to still visit Europe. On a happier note, I am loving my friends more and more! It gives me such pride and gratefulness that sometimes I tear up to think how we've seen each other through the ups and been there for each other through the downs. With our busy lives it's impossible to see each other as often as we'd like, but you know you've got something special when it's been ten years and you're still going strong.

As for the lovelife...nothing much has changed. I'm comfortable with who I am and don't need a partner to make me feel whole. I just haven't met anyone that interests me yet. I am still wishing upon a star for that magical moment when I see him, and he sees me...and my heart will stop beating and I'll get butterflies just knowing I'm in the same room as him. Obviously, I still dream. If I met him, I would be ready to settle in a heartbeat. But for the time being, I am living my life and not going to settle for anything less than I deserve. I don't do new years resolutions but I do live by that mantra. I know I'll have children one day. Even if I have to go shopping for donor sperm, I'll get there when I'm ready. I do hope that I eventually find someone to share my life with. Someone to share my life with, not to complete it.

This year the emotional highlights would have to be saying goodbye to a longtime friend, dealing with several deaths in the family and seeing my beautiful friends Noel and Fleurette marry. That's what life is about, right? Getting through the tough times and enjoying the happy times. If we didn't have hardship and pain, how would we know what happiness is and how to appreciate it? I found this quote a few years ago but don't remember where from:

"The trouble with happiness is you don't know when you have it. You remember it."

I find it's getting more difficult and less common for me to have a really good laugh. I miss those days in highschool where we'd muck around and just laugh all day. Sure we have a laugh at work and when we're out, but those moments where we laugh so hard that we cry, are getting rarer.

Now I'm rambling...

Bring on 2008 - I'm ready. (I hope!)