Home Sweet Home

Dear Diary,

I got home a few days ago and am really glad to be back! There was no jetlag because the flights were timed really well so I slept on the long flight to Sydney that left midnight Tuesday night and arrived in Perth about 11:30am Thursday. Where did that day and a half go!? I invested in one of those neck pillows this time and boy did it make a difference!! It's only been a few days since I got back but the whole trip already feels like a huge dream. Lots of entries to catch up on since I couldn't manage to log into my blog while I was over there. *flexes fingers*

It's great to be sleeping in my own room and in my own bed again!!! However, I really miss all the friends I made while over there. It was a great lifestyle...waking up and heading out in the morning...coming back to the hostel in the early afternoon and taking a nap. Then heading out again later. I found it true that Aussies and New Zealanders were the friendliest people I came across. The Brits were ok too but some were a bit reserved.

Now lies the huge task ahead of reconstructing my five weeks away. I guess I will break it down into the different places I was at. If anyone is interested...

UPDATE OCT 24TH '07 - I will be reconstructing my holidays on this blog not only so you can all see how much fun (and alcohol) I had, while I was away, but because I like to wander through all the mischief I got up to and remember the GOOD TIMES!