Thursday 1st March 2012


Breakfast was Yong Tau Foo.

I went shopping...for kitchen things! I went to Tang's and found myself in Le Creuset HEAVEN! I was able to secure 50% off the purchase price but I decided against buying it. Wah!

Nasi Lemak with Otak Otak for lunch.

I had some Pink Guava sorbet.

I enjoyed a glass of wine and a snack in the afternoon
and read a few chapters of my book.

Chorizo fried in a white wine and Tomato Sauce.

Aunty feeding Lucas his dinner at home.

Wednesday 29th February 2012


Mee Siam for breakfast!

Second breakfast of Soft Poached Eggs

With a pinch of black pepper and a splash of soy sauce.

Salmon Sashimi for lunch!


I wandered around Chinatown in the late afternoon and needed to find dinner!

I decided on the Hokkien Prawn Mee

There was a long line and it definitely was worth the wait!

Tuesday 28th February 2012


I can't be bothered describing all the's a collection of some of the foods I devoured!

Laksa - at 3:30am

Four Leaves Bakery!


...and more Sushi!

Old Chang Kee Fish Balls on a Stick!


Seafood Stew

Creme Brulee

Bread & Butter Pudding

Monday 27th February 2012

I cooked myself a big breakfast this morning and then started packing for my trip to Singapore! I'm flying out tonight to catch up with family and then I'll be joined by Shallen and Yen for a girls weekend!

I had the Basil Chicken Curry on the flight.
My holiday starts here!

Sunday 26th February 2012

This morning I was invited back over next door for breakfast. Woo!

Nando's for lunch.

We hit Cottesloe Beach and then had fish and chips for lunch.

Kok's in Perth and he organised for us to catch up at SAKE BAR in Northbridge. He ordered the food and we ate it. Easy peasy!

Katsu Chicken with lots of Cheese!

Teriyaki Fish

Soba Noodles


Sushi Boat!

The oysters were gorgeous!

Very healthy and the presentation of the dishes was awesome!


Green Tea Ice Cream!

Saturday 25th February 2012

My neighbours celebrated their Ruby Anniversary tonight. That's 40 years of marriage! The way I'm going, I don't think I'd live long enough to celebrate my 40th wedding anniversary. I was asked to make a few quiches. I was rushing around like crazy in the afternoon. I was behind schedule as I had to go to a makeup trial but it was a test to see how the makeup stayed on. After a few hours of hot, sweaty baking, the makeup was still on!

Ham & Asparagus Quiche

Mini Tomato Quiches

As usual, there was a fantastic spread at the BBQ!

I love my neighbour's daughter-in-law's potato bake!

Black Forest Cake to celebrate!
Oh dear...I am TWO MONTHS behind in my posting! So much has happened these past few months that has taken so much of my time. I have barely been online and can't believe how the time has flown. I don't think I can possibly catch up with two months worth of I'm going to have to be selective with the updates. I pretty much have to choose between switching on the laptop or doing house stuff. I've been opting for the house stuff. There's so much to do! The thought has crossed my mind a few times that I should perhaps give up the blogging, but then I shake my head and tell myself that that's a silly idea. What would I do with all the photos that I take!? I'm not going to print them all out and make a photo album of food...or am I? Anyhow...let's hope I can catch up!

Friday 24th February 2012

1/885 Albany Highway, Victoria Park

I've been here for dinner many years ago and tonight Jocelyn, David and I brought Mum here to eat.

We ordered a few dishes to share as our starters.

Beef Tataki

Squid Omelette (I think!?)

Both the starters were really good! Pity there wasn't more to go around!!

I had the Chirashi - assorted sashimi on sushi rice.

Jocelyn and David had the Teriyaki Fish.

Mum had the Unagi Don.

We shared a side of Kim Chi.

Overall, the food was great, but the kim chi and drinks were way over priced!! We ordered a glass of the plum wine each but it was like $9 for a shot.