Tuesday 18th October 2011

I am such a bad influence at work.

I was hungry.

It's Tuesday.

Cheap Tuesday at Dominos Pizza!





and all I remember hearing was 'Spicy' and I said "I'll take it!"

I joined my neighbours for dinner tonight. They ordered takeout from Chin's Noodle House in Leeming.

Prawn Crackers!

Chicken Satays and Spring Rolls to start.

Sweet & Sour Fish

Roast Duck with Plum Sauce

Chicken Curry

Beef Stirfry

The food was good, especially the duck and fish! I have been eating far too much this week. I need new pants!!

Monday 17th October 2011

Recently, I came across this image on the internet when googling what 'fo shizzle mah nizzle' meant in everyday English.


Sunday 16th October 2011

Tonight we went to Jocelyn and David's place for dinner.

Steamboat night baby!

Enoki & Money Bags
Assorted Seafood Dumplings
Tofu stuffed with Fish Paste
Fish Paste wrapped in Bean Curd

Saturday 15th October 2011

We started the day with some dim sum at Dragon Palace!

In the evening, my neighbours were so kind to invite me to their little shindig to celebrate their 60th birthday. The place was buzzing with their close friends and family and I felt so honoured to be asked to join them.

Steaks on the bbq!

There was so much food!

I talked so much (what's new!?) that I was still eating my steak when the birthday cake was being served!

A gorgeous night with perfect weather.

Friday 14th October 2011

My neighbours have a special visitor from the UK and I joined them on an outing to AQWA in Hilarys today. The weather was absolutely gorgeous!

Out at the Stingray Pool

Man, these stingrays really reminded me of a Cylon raider!

We had lunch afterwards at the Sorrento Beach Shack.
I had the Fisherman's Basket!

We couldn't resist having some Gelato!

Back at home, we polished a few bottles of wine and Sue (my lovely neighbour) made us dinner.

Garlic Bread


Thursday 13th October 2011


It was a gorgeous drive into work today and I was looking forward to our lunch! Ian and Rucha brought in their pie makers today and just after noon there was a busy production line to get pies made for everyone!

We snacked on Alison's Steak Pie while we were making our pies.

Ian cut out the pastry. Shortcrust for the bottoms, puff for the tops.

I spooned the fillings into the pies.

Lidie's Spinach & Fetta

Melinda's Satay Chicken

Rucha's Spicy Potato & Peas

My Chicken & Leek

In no time at all we had golden brown pies!

Brendan brought in frozen mixed berries for dessert pies.

Wednesday 12th October 2011

I came across these lamb shoulder steaks at the shops yesterday and thought they looked lean and fresh. Not to mention they were really affordable at only $8.99 per kilo!

I marinated them overnight in the fridge with red wine, rosemary, garlic, sea salt and pepper. They would have been soaking in the marinade for close to twenty-four hours!

I panfried the steaks and then put them aside to rest. Into the pan I poured the leftover red wine marinade and brought it to the simmer. I then added a few spoonfuls of plain flour to thicken it up and make it into a sauce.

Lamb Steaks with a Red Wine, Rosemary & Garlic Gravy
with Rosemary Baked Potatoes and steamed Corn off the Cob

Wow, it was an awesome dinner. The lamb was so tender and the sauce was amazing. I was able to get the marrow out of the bones with a toothpick. Yum! I need to keep an eye out for these lamb shoulder steaks again!