Friday 15th Feb '08


We got back to our hotel at about 2:30am and we had to be up by 4am to head to the airport. So...Marissa had a nap while Teresa and I stayed up to watch TV. We ended the holiday just as we had started it - one hour sleep before leaving Perth, no sleep before returning to Perth.
At the airport, we found somewhere to have some breakfast. I had the Fish Rice Porridge and a cup of Condensed Milk Tea.

Here's to going home to my own bed and getting back
to work so I can afford more holidays like this one!

Thursday 14th Feb '08


Today we went to Spa Botanica to have a spa treatment and relax before heading home tomorrow. We each had the Five Elements Cleanse and Purify Ritual while Christina joined us and had a massage. I would recommend to anyone in need of a holiday and destress to go to Spa Botanica on Sentosa. The staff are so friendly and professional and the treatments are just fantastic!! The outdoor facilities complete the experience and you do feel like you're somewhere exotic just lounging around and getting away from the the stresses and troubles of your everyday life. If they need an ambassador for the spa, I'll apply!!

Regrettably, we could not stay and use the outdoor facilities as we had to get going. We all went to the Food Republic at Vivo City to get a late lunch. We all had either chicken rice or duck rice. Christina and I bought some different desserts for Marissa and Teresa to try.

We met up with Christina and David (my cousin) for dinner at the Crystal Jade Chinese restaurant, where David had made reservations for us to have our own private dining room. Marissa and Teresa were able to have the 'lo hei' that they missed a few nights ago and we enjoyed an extravagant banquet dinner.

After dinner, we went for some karaoke! We discovered that David has a fantastic voice - possibly the future asian Buble! Teresa eventually joined in on a few songs too.

I tried really hard for it not to turn into a teary goodbye at the end of the night. But we had a blast and are looking forward to my rellies coming to Perth later this year.

Wednesday 13th Feb '08


This morning we wandered by the hotel pool while waiting for our shuttle bus to take us to the mainland for some shopping. We spotted some gorgeous peacocks with their chicks nearby.

At Vivo City, we wandered around the shops and decided to pamper ourselves starting with a foot, hand and shoulder reflexology treatment. We then went next door where Marissa and Teresa had a pedicure and I had a manicure. We left to find some food feeling refreshed and like spoilt "pretty women".

For dinner, we found the Food Republic at Vivo City and I had Hainanese Chicken Rice, Teresa had Braised Pig Trotters and Marissa had a Bean Paste Deep Fried Dumpling, Curry with Roti and Vegetables, Pork Floss on Toast, and a Condensed Milk Tea. Someone got their appetite back!

Back at the hotel, we went to have a few drinks in the Pavilion bar and again we saw Angela sing. She even played us our request *sniff*

Before bed, we decided to have a drink so we got out our cans of peach ice tea. Cheers!

Tuesday 12th Feb '08


Today I had to return to the Furama City Centre Hotel to pick up a letter from management in order to get our refund for our cancellation. Afterwards, I barely was able to make it across the road from hunger to get something to eat. There were lots of stalls to pick from but I just honed in on the closest one - Duck Noodles.
Instead of heading back to the hotel, Christina had gotten in touch with me to meet up with her to go shopping for something for my mum. We met on Orchard Road and I spent the next few hours following her around, eating. I managed to finally get some Jellyfish Sushi!! Christina also finally got to show me the ice cream dumplings she'd been raving about from Mochi.
Later in the evening, we met up with my cousins and auntie for a seafood banquet. We had the traditional Lo Hei, which is shared on the seventh day of Chinese New Year. Traditionally, you have a dish with a selection of shredded vegetables, sauces and raw sliced fish. You mix the ingredients up with your chopsticks as high as you can while saying out loud 'lo hei' (for longevity) to bring in the new year. We didn't have raw fish in ours! But I love this dish - it's like a cold salad appetiser. Our banquet included Shark Fin Soup and Pepper Crab.

Monday 11th Feb '08


Today we checked out of the Novatel and checked into the Sentosa Resort & Spa on Sentosa island. We got a gorgeous little room and quickly settled in before heading to the day spa just down the road.

This was the third time at the Spa Botanica for Marissa and I, and the first time for Teresa. We all had a therapeutic back massage and then met for lunch in the outdoor gazebo. We then took it in turns to have a coconut milk bath. Pure indulgence!! I made a fool of myself for getting caught with a pair of disposable knickers on my head by one of the spa staff though...the look on her face - priceless!

After the spa treatments, I went to meet up with Christina and our cousins, Lisa and Malcolm, for dinner. They took us to a local outdoor restaurant for chilli crab! We also had some fried bread dumplings that you use to dip in the chilli crab sauce. YUM! After dinner we went to get some dessert in a nearby hawker centre. I had grass jelly and Christina had ice kachang.

Back at the hotel, Teresa, Marissa and I had a drink in the pavilion bar and befriended the lounge singer, Angela. I ordered a 'French coffee' which turned out to be way too strong, as you can see in the photo!

Back in our room, we got the munchies and ordered room service. Creamy Asparagus soup and French Fries.

Sunday 10th Feb '08


Today I met up with my cousins and Christina for dim sum at the Cathay Pacific. Afterwards, I rushed over to the Fullerton Hotel to have the Tea Rhapsody with Marissa and Teresa. This high tea takes place every Sunday in the lobby of the Fullerton Hotel. They have a fantastic selection of little bites - ranging from hot to cold. There was a chef there making fresh crepes.

After our high tea, we went to Marina Square for some shopping. We discovered a little boutique store that had the most gorgeous dresses!! One in particular caught my eye and I juew knew I had to buy it when I tried it on.

We saw these in the window of a restaurant...

Starving, we made our way to Orchard Road and eventually made our way to the Food Republic food court for dinner. I had a craving for my beef noodles with tripe! I also bought Tau Sun and Ice Kachang for us to share.

Tutu! When we were much younger, you could buy these little snacks from street vendors but nowadays vendors are no longer around and it's so hard to track down these little goodies.

Having had enough, we headed back to our hotel. By now I was staying with Christina in her hotel room since her friend had left to go home to Perth early. She suggested we head out to a bar in Clarke Quay that's outfited like a medical clinic - hence its name CLINIC.

It was awesome!!! There were tables with wheelchairs instead of regular seats; little "cubicles"; surgical lights hung from the ceilings; and they served a few novelty drinks amongst the usual. We ordered some shots in syringes and a cocktail we drank from an IV drip. People were stopping to ask to take photos of us sucking away on the IV and "shooting up" on the syringes. I called Marissa to get her ass out of bed and join us.

Saturday 9th Feb '08


In the morning, we all headed out to a hawker centre for breakfast with my auntie and cousins. Then we parted ways and did a bit of shopping before making our way to the Raffles for high tea.

I just had to try out the toilets!

After stuffing ourselves with the buffet high tea, we did a bit of sightseeing and decided to go to a new bar on the 72nd level of the Stamford Hotel - the New Asia.

After having a few too many cocktails, we all got the munchies when we left and at about 2am found ourselves at the Newton twenty-four hour seafood hawker centre. We had our first chilli crab since we'd gotten to Singapore, chicken wings, salt and pepper baby squid, and kang kong.

Friday 8th Feb '08


Today we went to my Auntie's place for lunch - we had leftovers from the reunion dinner and some freshly steamed flounder and dhufish. Some of our relatives came by to visit and we spent the afternoon snacking.
In the evening we made our way to my cousin David's house, where we had takeaway Indian for dinner. David had set up his Nintendo Wii, which provided endless entertainment for the night. Especially when my cousin Richard, his wife Ivy, and their son Zhi Heng, arrived. Zhi Heng ran around cheering everytime someone bowled a strike. He is absolutely gorgeous!!

I embarrassed myself by going to sit on what I thought was a funky, modern looking stool, which turned out to be a little side table. It gave way underneath me and I went from posing for a photo with Teresa, to sitting on the floor with my legs in the air. Thankfully, I had decided to wear leggings that day!! Let's just say it will be a moment I won't be forgetting anytime soon. I had a bruised right butt cheek for the next few days.

Thursday 7th Feb '08


After several hours of frustration liaising between our travel agent back in Perth and the hotel management to organise a refund, we finally went to check in at the Novatel. Up until then we had had a gloomy morning since we had not had anything to eat. However, as soon as we stepped into the reception lobby of the Novatel, our spirits were lifted just looking at the decor and the difference to the hotel we had just left. Things were starting to turn around for us today!!

We went in search for somewhere to have some local food for lunch but alas, it was a public holiday so we ended up at the hotel's restaurant. There were two things on the menu that were local dishes - laksa and Hainanese chicken rice. You guessed it, when the waitress came to take our order, we eagerly asked for three chicken rices. The waitress smiled regretably, "sorry, the chicken rice is actually not available today". DOH! DOH! DOH! We settled for the laksa.

In the evening we met up with Christina and Laurie and had a drink at the hotel's bar before heading out to the Esplanade for the Chinese New Year 'Hongboa' celebrations. We watched the fireworks nearby before heading into the market/food arena. We were in food stall heaven!! I started off with a cup of sweet corn kernels. We bought lots of little dishes to share:

satay with peanut sauce
mee siam
sweet potato dumplings
shark fin soup
japanese octopus balls
thai papaya salad

Ok...those were just the dishes that I bought to share...I can't remember what everyone else bought...heehee *oink*

Wednesday 6th Feb '08


After finishing the 4-midnight shift on Tuesday, I went home to shower and grab a bite to eat before driving to Marissa's place. Getting there just after 0200hrs, we were all in our pj's and finalising our luggage. We set aside an hour to nap before heading to the airport for our flight at 0830hrs. You can imagine how refreshed and vibrant we were...

The Blues Sisters hit Singapore

Upon our arrival, we checked into our hotel and then headed to my Auntie's place for the traditional Chinese New Years Eve 'Reunion' dinner.

Christina and I helped my auntie prepare food; as always, there were heaps of New Year goodies to nibble on before dinner.

My cousins made it to dinner - we shared a magnum of Vasse Felix Theatre Cabernet I had brought all the way from Margaret River.

It was also Christina's birthday - so how fitting to celebrate her birthday -

2008, the year of the Rat.

After dinner we went for a walk around the very crowded Chinatown. Back at our hotel at 0200hrs, all we wanted was a shower and to crawl into bed. Alas! Our shower was nothing but a dribble of water droplets! We ended up lugging our luggage to another room on the floor below us but the shower there was no better - and the beds were made up with dirty, yellowed sheets. Horrified, but oh so so tired, we had a shower, packed and carried our luggage back upstairs to our original room to sleep. Needless to say, we checked out the next day and went to the hotel Marissa, Christina and I had stayed at last time were in Singapore - the Novotel in Clarke Quay.

Sunday 3rd Feb '08

Ox Tail Stew
One of my all-time favourite dishes that my mum makes! My mum makes it with ox tail (of course!), carrots and potatoes. If she can, she gets a good quality tripe from the butchers and sometimes she also uses turnip. As always, it's more delicious to eat the day after it's cooked (like a curry) and I like to have it with spaghetti.

Saturday 2nd Feb '08

Simba is an attention seeking little cutie. Whenever the phone rings, he hates that the person on the other end of the line is somehow able to hold our interest that would otherwise be given to him. So...every time we're on the phone, he will round-up as many of his toys as he can and play with them right infront of you as if to say "Look at me! Look at me! I'm so cute playing with my toys, so get off the phone and play with me!".

However, the instant you hang up the phone, he drops what he's playing with and wanders off nonchalantly as if he were thinking "Hmph, I've found something else that's caught my attention now."

So this particular day, I was on the phone with my back to him and when I got off the phone and turned around, I found the floor covered in stuffing he'd ripped out of an old cushion. I went to the kitchen to grab a bag to clean up, but I ended up discovering a trail. He had started from my mum's bedroom (where he had found the cushion), gone into the lounge room, the dining room, the kitchen and then the living room.

*shakes her head*

But you can't be mad at him...not when he looks at you with those adorable innocent eyes.

Friday 1st Feb '08

After work tonight I made myself a little platter of pancetta and goats cheese from Charlies, and some fresh grapes. If I don't spoil myself, who will!?

Tuesday 29th Jan '08

Tonight after work I whipped up a warm salad with lightly sauteed onion, zucchini and grape tomatoes on a bed of baby spinach and sliced boiled potatoes - drizzled over with a chilli & bacon mustard vinaigrette.

Things that make you go mmMMm