5 Days

Dear Diary,

Well I've had a very busy 5 days off (still one more day to go!).

Wednesday: I really don't remember what I did that night! I must have had a quiet one at home with a glass of 2003 Cabernet Sauvignon Cabernet Franc Merlot - really really reaaaaaally good drop!

Thursday: Went to the Flying Pantsman (Scotsman) and it turned out to be karaoke night!! Was hilarious. Drank Stella pints.

Friday: Had a coffee date with a guy I met over rsvp.com - he turned out to be really nice and friendly. I'd really like to see him again. In the evening went to a friend's for pizza and then we all headed out to the Shed. Had an okay time but it was the band's last gig and so their third set was just all instrumentals and ballads. I took on a guy when he was making fun of one of my new friends and he backed off. I guess I can look mean and tough when I want to. I could have taken him. *flexes muscles*

Saturday (tonight): Had nothing to do since everyone had their own plans so tagged along with a heavy metal friend to crash a party in Trigg beach. Man was that a weird party!! I felt completely out of place except the Crownie in my hand. There were a couple of guys in animal suits. The girls were um...*ahem*.. We watched the first band perform in the tiny little lounge room and they were pretty good. Well at least I enjoyed it. But then there was an intermission before the next band and we went out the back. We found a balcony/tree house sorta thing that someone had built out the back and went up there and watched the crowd. I got hungry and luckily my friend was too so we headed off to KFC down the road and then couldn't be bothered returning to the party.

Sunday (well since it's now 3:00am it's today!): Going to high tea at the Hyatt with some girls from work and then to cocktails afterwards. After that who knows! I think I need to detox after this stretch of partying. All i wanna do is curl up in bed and watch tv. Or just stare at the ceiling.

Ok...I think my computer is tired now too coz it's lagging as I type. One more week of work (in biochemistry of all departments!!) and then several days to organise and finalise everything before I head off to the states. I'm feeling really nervous and excited at the same time.

Ok..bed time =)

Busy Busy Bumble Bee

Dear Diary:

Went to dinner tonight with some friends. Just listening to some music and procrastinating bed time right now. I've got the suitcase out on the floor ready to be packed. Two more weeks until my long awaited holiday to the US. I have alot to do until then!

The next few days are going to be busy ones for me. Tomorrow's sorting out my tax stuff. Possibly a date in the evening! Friday I'm having a big night out with anyone and everyone. Probably heading to the Shed. There always seems to be a huge queue to get in so the band must be good! Saturday will be for recovering from the big night out and perhaps going out in the evening. Sunday I have high tea in the afternoon with some girls from work. Then cocktails afterwards. Then back to work Monday.

I'm in the mood for a tear jerker right now. I think I'll go and watch Bicentennial Man. Love that movie =).


Time Flies!

Dear Diary,

I've been busy with work (as usual) and planning my upcoming trips. I've been caught with the travel bug!! I've always wanted to travel but before it was a question of finance. Then it became a question of time. Now it's a matter of booking flights in the spur of the moment and then planning it out thoroughly afterwards! I've got two trips this year...first to the US in August/September and then to Egypt in November with a side trip in Singapore to see family on the way back.

So...five weeks in the US. What is a girl to do!? Well Shaune and Markus are coming with me to Vegas and we are sooo wreaking havoc at the Star Trek Convention. Shaune and I are also going to spin some unbelievable yet believable yarns to the Americans about life down under. We should have Markus direct a hidden camera to capture the amazement on their faces as we tell them how our koalas get high on eucalyptus leaves and our kangaroos are known to steal purses which turn up when the rangers do their monthly pouch inspections. The guys are leaving me after Vegas...then I shall continue on to Chicago for the Star Gate Convention (whee!!), then New York New York, then on to the city of angels (Los Angeles)...then back home to Perth to my own bed! I'm a bit anxious travelling alone for most of my trip...being a helpless girl and all. But I'll be staying at hostels and hopefully hook up with some interesting and sane ppls there!

Egypt...always wanted to go there. Can't wait to ask the tourguide in my oh so serious face 'where is the star gate actually buried? Can we go see it? Do SG-1 come by this way often?'. But seriously...I'm going there to attend a Nile River Workshop that's work related so it's tax deductible!!! I found out about it at a conference weekend and then a week later I had booked my flights and was scrambling to get the finances together. Spontaneous Saz!

Well..not much has been happening other than all the planning and stressing over the finances. Still making time for friends. But they're all paired up now or gone overseas and I'm becoming the odd wheel. The odd smaller wheel. I'm looking into perhaps joining the dating scene. I dunno...I mean I can easily go and ask out any cute guy i see but I just don't have the energy to play around. I just want the perfect guy to appear (on a day that I'm having a good hair day) and for me to know he's the one and just concentrate all my energy on him rather than dispersing it in several directions going on multiple dates. Maybe I'll meet someone while I'm in the US and he'll fall in love with me and fly to Perth to find me.

Ok...time to go to bed and really dream.