Friday 19th October 2012

Neelam made this awesome snack for us today with polenta. Sort of a savoury slice.

A few days ago I started making mini florentines for Ivy's baby shower on the weekend.

It's a really easy recipe I found in one of the Women's Weekly cook books I have.

I generally am not a fan of sultanas, but I'll make an exception here!

Monday 15th October 2012

Tonight I decided to have a practice run at making red velvet cupcakes in preparation for Ivy's baby shower on the weekend. I followed a basic recipe on but hit a snag when my buttermilk mixture started looking weird.

Like cottage cheese weird.

No matter how much I beat it, whether with my whisk or with my Kenwood beater, it just started to get more and more separated. I started to panic a bit...then decided to try a second time from scratch.

Same result!!

I ended up pouring off the liquid, beating the lumpy mess until it started to look a bit more smooth, then I added the liquid back in slowly while beating it.

I still looked a bit ricotta.

I resigned myself to the fact that the cupcakes were probably to going to turn out a disaster but it was good to know now rather than wait until the night before the baby shower to realise this!

I combined the lumpy buttermilk mixture with the dry ingredients and stirred in the red food colouring. Amazingly, as I lightly folded the ingredients together, the mixture became smoother and smoother! Woo!

Nice save.

Saturday 13th October 2012

196 Whatley Crescent, Maylands

I caught up with friends for lunch today after work. I like the ambience of the place but some of the artwork is a bit disturbing for my tastes. Especially the painting of a stereotypical Asian guy in the nude. While I'm eating? Conjures up images I'd rather not think about while I'm trying to eat!

Marissa and I shared the Curry Puffs
I think this was about $18 - what a rip off!
My mum makes these and could make two dozen for less than that!

We also shared the Beef Rendang, which was money better spent.
Delicious, melt-in-your-mouth chunks of beef.

I cooked a Roast Beef dinner tonight and had a few friends over. I love roasting a big chunk of meat but rarely do it since it's not really a meal for one.

Roast Beef with homemade Gravy (that Ling made)
with steamed Beans and Cambot's Potato Bake

After such a great meal, we had to follow it with a dessert. So, Ling set to work.

Chocolate Fondant Cakes

We all held our breath as I broke into mine to see if the centre was gooey - SUCCESS!

Friday 12th October 2012

A quiet Friday night to myself.

Just me in my kitchen.

Oysters Kilpatrick

Seafood Risotto with Saffron

Wednesday 10th October 2012

2/1 Seddon Street, Subiaco

I was catching up with a friend after work for dinner and we wanted to go somewhere nearby that was low key. I googled restaurants in the Subiaco area and narrowed the choice down to Japanese restaurants. I hadn't heard of this place so we decided to try it. I googled directions and it said that it's located in the car park, so in my mind I was thinking that it was going to turn out to be a small, dimly lit place that serves not-so-fresh crappy sushi rolls.

I was small.

It was dimly lit.

But the food was awesome! We ordered an array of dishes to share.

Sea Urchin Sashimi!

I finally get to have sea urchin! Every other time I have been to a Japanese restaurant that has sea urchin on the menu, it's always followed with 'seasonal' and it's never available. I came served in a banana leave tucked into the urchin shell. It tastes quite like the red roe of a scallop. Delish! I really wish I had a glass of white wine to wash it down with.

The Tuna Sashimi was super fresh. Look at that amazing colour!!

Smoked Salmon Roll


Their signature dish - Zen Style Spider Roll - soft shell crab.


We were too full for dessert, but they gave us complimentary vanilla panna cotta - just a spoonful. It was enough to make it a fine finish to the meal!

Definitely recommended.

Sunday 7th October 2012

I was invited to the Lim's place for their dad's home made roti!

The dough.

Similarly to a pizza where they thin the dough out by twirling
it in the air, the roti dough is thinned out by 'slapping' it onto the work bench.

Still needs thinning.

Thin enough! However, if you are going to make
the roti with an egg, you can't have any holes!

Smother a cracked egg over the dough and then wrap it up.

Fresh, homemade roti!

Serve with curry.

Friday 5th October 2012

We had lunch again today to mark the last day of one of the girls. Not that we need an excuse to eat...

It was an Indian-Polish feast!

Thursday 4th October 2012


My roasted Portuguese Chicken Marylands with Chips and Neelam's Eggplant Relish.

Wednesday 3rd October 2012

Scotch Fillet with Green Peppercorn & Mushroom Gravy
Steamed Broccoli & Potato Bake

I have been eating alot of steaks lately, haven't I!?

Monday 1st October 2012

Roast Portuguese Chicken
with Asparagus and Potato Bake

Sunday 30th September 2012

Tiger Prawn Salad

I bought cooked Tiger Prawns from Woolies and put together this quick salad with some cucumber, tomatoes and lettuce. I made the dressing with some whole egg mayo, tomato sauce, a splash of worcestershire sauce, tobasco sauce, salt and pepper.

Saturday 29th September 2012

Linguine with Garlic, Chilli, Prawns, Asparagus & Cherry Tomatoes

Thursday 27th September 2012

Seafood Laksa with lots of Fresh Mint!

Tuesday 25th September 2012

Scotch Steak with Green Peppercorn & Red Wine Gravy
Roasted Truss Tomatoes
Steamed Beans & Carrots
Potato Bake

Monday 24th September 2012

Congee with Barramundi

Sunday 23rd September 2012

Today, we lay in the gorgeous sunshine at Kings Park.
We ate delicious food.
We listened to live music.
We watched cute kids and dogs.
We enjoyed each others company.

Saturday 22nd September 2012

Steamboat Saturday!

Thursday 20th September 2012

Scotch Fillet with Green Peppercorn & Red Wine Gravy
Broccolini & Baked Potatoes

Wednesday 19th September 2012

Dinner at Ramona's tonight! I certainly have been spoilt these few days I've had off work!

Deep's been so long since I ate it that I forget!!

Spicy Potatoes

Chicken Curry

This Cucumber Salad was gorgeous!!
So incredibly fresh and it complimented the spiciness of the other dishes.

Tuesday 18th September 2012

114 Terrace Road, Guildford

Today I had lunch with a friend. I like the interior decor of the place and the food was presented beautifully!

Taste Plate

Salt & Pepper Squid

Later in the afternoon, we went back to Cambot's place and he made dinner (while I caught up on Bold & the Beautiful!). He's been wanting to experiment with homemade pasta with squid ink for a while.

The dough!

We hung the pasta on the backs of chairs to dry.

entree - Squid Ink Linguine with Chilli & Garlic Prawns

main - Steak with Red Wine Gravy & Crispy Baked Rosemary Potatoes