Wednesday 10th October 2012

2/1 Seddon Street, Subiaco

I was catching up with a friend after work for dinner and we wanted to go somewhere nearby that was low key. I googled restaurants in the Subiaco area and narrowed the choice down to Japanese restaurants. I hadn't heard of this place so we decided to try it. I googled directions and it said that it's located in the car park, so in my mind I was thinking that it was going to turn out to be a small, dimly lit place that serves not-so-fresh crappy sushi rolls.

I was small.

It was dimly lit.

But the food was awesome! We ordered an array of dishes to share.

Sea Urchin Sashimi!

I finally get to have sea urchin! Every other time I have been to a Japanese restaurant that has sea urchin on the menu, it's always followed with 'seasonal' and it's never available. I came served in a banana leave tucked into the urchin shell. It tastes quite like the red roe of a scallop. Delish! I really wish I had a glass of white wine to wash it down with.

The Tuna Sashimi was super fresh. Look at that amazing colour!!

Smoked Salmon Roll


Their signature dish - Zen Style Spider Roll - soft shell crab.


We were too full for dessert, but they gave us complimentary vanilla panna cotta - just a spoonful. It was enough to make it a fine finish to the meal!

Definitely recommended.

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