Saturday 13th October 2012

196 Whatley Crescent, Maylands

I caught up with friends for lunch today after work. I like the ambience of the place but some of the artwork is a bit disturbing for my tastes. Especially the painting of a stereotypical Asian guy in the nude. While I'm eating? Conjures up images I'd rather not think about while I'm trying to eat!

Marissa and I shared the Curry Puffs
I think this was about $18 - what a rip off!
My mum makes these and could make two dozen for less than that!

We also shared the Beef Rendang, which was money better spent.
Delicious, melt-in-your-mouth chunks of beef.

I cooked a Roast Beef dinner tonight and had a few friends over. I love roasting a big chunk of meat but rarely do it since it's not really a meal for one.

Roast Beef with homemade Gravy (that Ling made)
with steamed Beans and Cambot's Potato Bake

After such a great meal, we had to follow it with a dessert. So, Ling set to work.

Chocolate Fondant Cakes

We all held our breath as I broke into mine to see if the centre was gooey - SUCCESS!

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