Saturday 5th January '08


I had the honour of helping to organise Benoit's bucks day and we began with waterskiing and a BBQ.

Afterwards, some of us headed to Cottlesloe Beach and survived a beating in the waves. We then headed home to recoup and change before the party.

Now...we all know what happens at a bucks party stays at a bucks party. Thus, I cannot show any photos of the drag queen stripper we hired to strip to ABBA's 'Dancing Queen'. However, the neighbours may have been missing a few lemons from their tree, there was no more tequila left and substituting salt for coleslaw when doing tequila shots isn't such a great idea.


Just take my word for it that the bucks got what was coming to him and judging by the photo of him below...I'd say he was content by the end of the night. Exhausted, a little drunk after a few beers, but content.

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