Friday 23rd October '09

21 Lake Street, Northbridge

On the spur of the moment, I headed out for dinner with Benoit and Ivy.

my Garlic Prawn Prime Rib
with curly tail fries & salad

I asked for my steak medium-rare and it came out absolutely perfect!! The meat was so tender and pink all the way through. I'm salivating just remembering it!

We went to get bubble tea afterwards. While we were waiting for our order, I noticed these two sacks of sugar beside the counter - it's awful to imagine just how much sugar is really in each of these drinks!

Now, a few years ago a typical Friday night for us would have been having dinner, then hitting a bar for a few drinks, then heading back to someone's house for more drinks. Tonight, I enjoyed one beer with my steak, then we went to Long's sister's house to help him babysit his nephew. Yes, the cute little boy was in bed while we sat around discussing finances...times have changed.

When the parents got home, we headed out to grab a bite to eat at Maccas.

my Cheeseburger

We called it a night at about 11pm and I headed home, albeit it took me a few detours to get home since they had closed the entry onto Tonkin Highway from Guildford Road due to roadworks. *Aargh!*

Creamy Saffron Seafood Soup with Lobster & Prawn Tortellini

Last night, I had made a huge pot of lobster stock using the head of the lobster that remained from when I had lobster the other night.

I made the tortellini with some raw prawns that I had chopped, as well as the lobster meat in the head of the lobster that I used for the stock.

My Aslan! You've done it again, Saz!

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