Sunday 25th October '09

66 Francis Street, Northbridge

I've eaten here once before, and we were seated on the ground floor. Today however, they were really busy and we were shown upstairs to their karaoke section, where we sat at high tables on bar stools. The room was large, the seating well spaced, and lots of natural lighting was making its way through the glass windows. Being a karaoke room, there was a central circular dance floor and customers were seated around this dance floor. There were also tables to the sides and several screens around the room on which they played karaoke music.

The first thing I noticed when we sat down, was the damp table cloth. It was draped over my lap and it felt disgustingly cold and damp against my legs. We asked to get the table cloth changed but perhaps they didn't believe me that it was wet. One guy went to bring us a new table cloth but it wasn't our intention to be a 'pain' so I just folded the table cloth under itself so that it didn't drape over the side or come into contact with my legs. I still had to be careful not to lean against the table though, because my left arm came away feeling moist and sticky where it had touched the table cloth.

We ordered the usual...
The service wasn't the greatest...the food was incredibly slow to make it up from the ground floor kitchen. We tried to order but were told by one waitstaff that they don't take orders. The second waitstaff we asked took our order but we still picked the items off the trolleys as they arrived. We eventually had enough to eat and rolled out of there.

The hot dishes were good - but the grass jelly I had for dessert needed to be sweeter.

Afterwards, we drove to Fremantle and wandered the markets. We searched for the stall that sold the frozen fruits that we had last time we were there, and finally found one. It wasn't the same stall, but we were still enticed to sample their wares.

Strawberry & Mango

We had drinks at Gino's.

Soy Macchiato

Can you spot what's wrong with this photo!??

Bum crack!

We eventually made our way to Vebas Aquarium where I couldn't resist buying some new additions for my tank.

Endlers Guppy
image from

Isn't it gorgeous!?

I also bought a couple of cory's and a guppy who's on the verge of giving birth! Since I've solved the problem with the water, my tank's been rather empty so I need to increase numbers and liven it up a bit. I'll try to get some new gravel next weekend and perhaps more live plants.

Scotch Steak with a Creamy Green Peppercorn Sauce
Panfried Asparagus in Butter
Rosemary & Thyme Potato Bake

Chilli & Garlic Prawns

I wasn't really still hungry but I had these prawns in the fridge that I needed to use. Plus I wanted to finally get the chance to use my new Le Chasseur cast iron dish that I bought at a really really discounted price some time ago - $20! It retails for about $70 or $80. Very happy Jan!

A generous amount of olive oil, crushed garlic, chilli flakes, peeled prawns, and a handful of fresh basil leaves thrown in at the last minute.

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