Wednesday 21st October '09

At work yesterday, we were talking guessed it. FOOD!

At one point we broached the subject of Subway so on the way to work today, I bought some for dinner at work.

6" Meatball Sub on Wholemeal
with cheese, all the salads hold the tomato, extra jalopenos & mustard honey

After my recent trip to Swan Valley, I was able to make some additions to my wine shelf. It's almost full. I've organised the wines by order of year. Starting at the bottom, wines from the year 2001/2002, all the way up to the year 2008 at the top.

Glorious, isn't it!?

Simba was watching me admire my above collection of wine.

After tonight's shift at work I have my days off ahead of me. I planned on having a lobster for dinner tonight. It was a late dinner since I only got home just after 9pm.

I separated the lobster tail from the head and removed the shell from the underside of the tail. I removed the meat, made a slit along it and removed the 'string of poop'. I returned the meat to the tail shell and drizzled it with some olive oil to which I had added lemon zest and chilli flakes. In order to have the tail sit properly and not roll over on its side, I propped the tail on an upturned bowl and baked it in the oven for about five minutes while I cooked the pasta to go with it.

Lobster Tail with Lemon & Chilli
served with Spaghetti in a Rich Tomato Sauce

When I removed the tail meat, the oil infused with lemon and chilli remained in the shell for me to dip the lobster meat in!

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