Saturday 7th November '09

I got up relatively early and had breakfast.

Instant spicy mushroom ramen

I had some errands to run...come to think of it, I have absolutely no memory of what I did that day. Oh wait - I was busy with housework!

That's right, I vacuumed the entire house, changed the bedsheets, tidied my room, put on two loads of washing, took Simba for a walk, gave him a bath, drove out to buy some vodka (for tomorrow's project), and then quickly got ready to be picked up by Ling and Shallen for our day's outing.

Each year I receive an invitation to a free wine tasting river cruise and am allowed to invite up to five guests. I wasn't able to attend last year's so I was really excited and looking forward to this year's one.

We parked near the Barrack Street Jetty and relaxed in the sunshine before the cruise was set to sail.

Where's Wally!?
[click on the photo to open a larger version in another window]

take one - "We're not quite ready yet..."

take two - "Oops, I wasn't ready then either!"

take three - "...We don't know these people..."

I love taking photos with my camera in natural lighting. They just look so awesome!

We thoroughly enjoyed the cruise and our wine rep was friendly, knowledgeable and happy to turn a blind eye when we polished off half a bottle of port when he was busy finalising our order at the end of the cruise. hee hee - *hiccup*



We disembarked in high, giggly spirits and I joined Ramona on the ferry to the other side of the Swan River where we met for dinner.

My first time on the ferry across Swan River!

Red Cabbage Food & Wine
49/15 Labouchere Road, South Perth

We've driven past this restaurant countless times and have always said that we'll try it one day. Today was the day.

I was utterly delighted to find actual cabbages growing in the garden outside the front of the restaurant!

The restaurant was much smaller inside than it looks from the outside. But this just adds to the intimate, romantic setting that they advertise on their website. After our orders were taken, we were brought a complimentary amuse bouche of celeriac consomme.

We shared a few entree dishes.

Mixed Oysters
I called the oyster that was poached in lobster bisque

Seared king scallops with squid ink linguine


After our entrees, we were brought a complimentary palate cleanser of watermelon and mint granita.

For our mains:

Noel: He had the wagyu I think...
He sat right across the table from me so I couldn't reach to take a photo!

Shallen, Fleurette & Ramona: Beef Cheek

Ling & Myself: Rabbit

We jokingly named this dish 'Rabbit 101'. It had rabbit prepared in several different ways. I found the rabbit sausage dry. The pate was delightful!

Dinner was absolutely gorgeous!

74 Angelo Street, South Perth

Soy Macchiato

Ramona and I shared a couple of cakes.


I'm not really a fan of caramel but this was sooooo good!

Pear & Chocolate

You can see Noel and Fleurette had polished off their cakes before Ramona and I started on ours!

After dessert, we headed back to Noel and Fleurette's place and had tea and played a few games of Balderdash. Today's been a really really great day!!

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