Wednesday 23rd December '09

Teresa's Chilli Truffles

Marissa brought some of these truffles in for us at work today. We've spent the past few days nibbling at all the chocolates, lollies and cookies that people have been bringing in for us. You gotta be quick!

Lunch at Work
Tuna Salad

With all the eating I'll be doing over the Christmas and New Year period, I'm trying to eat light at all other times. This means salads for lunch at work and fruit for snacks when I'm hungry inbetween.

Cajun Crumbed Pork Cutlet with Apple Mayonnaise
Fennel & Orange Salad

I made the apple mayonnaise by whisking together some apple cider vinegar and whole egg mayonnaise.

Tonight is baking night.

This year I was planning to make gingerbread men as gifts, but I changed my mind and decided to do butter cookies instead. I made the dough for plain butter cookies and chocolate butter cookies.

I cut out stars in the butter dough...

.. and 'gingerbread men' shapes in the chocolate butter dough.

Jocelyn helped decorate the cookies and when they had cooled down, we packaged them up in little bundles to take to work for our colleagues.

Almonds, M&M's & cookies.

Jocelyn's large biscuit took a fall...

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