Friday 19th February 2010

Lunch at Work
Spud Deluxe from Jesters
Iced Soy Coffee from Dome

After work, Kok came over to hang.

I made a couple of pizzas for snacks before dinner. I used wholemeal wraps with Leggo's tomato paste as the base.

Mozzarella, torn Spanish Proscuitto & Basil.

Mozzarella, sliced Roma tomato, torn Basil.

We polished off these pizzas and I made another two. This time I piled on whatever I could find in the fridge. Mushrooms, red onion, capsicum, tomato...

I couldn't be bothered slicing them up, so I folded them over like burritos!

After catering to Kok's hungry stomach, I rushed to get dinner ready. Ling, Shallen and Meng were coming over.

I've caught bits and pieces of the new series of My Kitchen Rules on Channel 7 and was inspired to recreate this tonight. I had intended to create proper menus (like I did the last time I had a 'Sazzy's Kitchen Rules' dinner) but I didn't have time. Instead, I just distributed some pens and paper and had each guest score my meals and write a comment.

Chorizo & Goats Fetta Salad

I really only decided what I was serving for the entree at the last minute. I wanted something very simple, yet elegant. It took me a few trips to different shops before I could find some rocket salad leaves! But when I eventually came across some, it was on sale - yes! I washed the leaves and arranged them in no particular way on a small side plate with thinly sliced red onion, hot chorizo, crumbled goats fetta. I made a very simple dressing with olive oil and white balsamic vinegar.

9 Only thing wrong was there wasn't enough!
6 Personally not a fan of rabbit food, but was pleasantly surprised with the taste and freshness of it. It is rabbit food.
8 Goats cheese successfully complimented the sausage. The salad created an accent, making it a delectable treat and precursor to our main course.
8 Great tasting flavour, light dish. Just great amounts placed together. Very colourful.

total score for entree: 31

Garlic & Chilli Prawns with Linguini

I had a slight panic attack when cooking this dish. Everything was going smoothly, until everyone arrived and I was distracted while greeting them and seeing to their drinks. Ling noticed that the water in the pot with the pasta was beginning to bubble over, and I squealed. I had put the linguine into the boiling water JUST before they had arrived, so about four centimeters of the pasta was sticking out above the water...not getting cooked! I had to immediately push these ends in, then spent a few minutes gently separating the linguine. When I added the linguine to the sauce, I had to snip off some of the ends that were still stuck together and on the raw side. Crisis averted! I could just imagine the horror I would be faced with if I served the judges on the show some crunchy pasta.

9.5 Yummm! Olive oil just right. Prawns beautiful. Chilli is just right. Yumm. 9.5 coz can't give perfect score.
10 OMG I wet myself!
10 Extra spicy and prawnilicious!
9 Tasty, great portion and very tangy chilli and garlic. Delicious! Great prawns! Good presentation!

total score for main: 38.5

Not bad! I have to say though, I think my friends scored me pretty high. Perhaps they were worried I'd kick them out before coffee and dessert. That being said, I feel for those contestants on the TV's one thing to cook for people for fun. It's quite another to be judged on the food you cook. Your friends will be polite and eat what you serve them. Paying customers will complain, ask for their money back and walk out the door.

Coffee at the Globe Coffee House & Patisserie

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