Friday 5th March 2010

Late Afternoon Snack at Work
Spinach & Ricotta Roll

Today I headed to the hospital cafeteria (as a last resort because I didn't bring anything substantial for dinner) I was unimpressed with the range of hot foods available. Nearing closing time, there were no chips, the battered fish fillets were a sorry sight; what looked like mushroom pastry tarts were dried out and beyond recognition; a curry stirfry looked like brown mush; and I wasn't up for eating dried out rice on its own. So, I glanced over at the pie warmer and was thankful there was one spinach and ricotta roll sitting there all alone. Waiting for me. I had a craving for one of these a few days ago but all the places where I could think of near work that would sell them were shut. Craving satisfied!

For dinner I had last night's dinner that I didn't have time to eat. A salad of rocket, beetroot and anchovies. Yes...there's not much in my fridge and I'm going on holidays in a few days so I don't want to buy any groceries if I can help it.

Fortunately for me, Benoit and Ivy swung by work to pick up something and they brought me a doggy bag from the dinner they just had. It literally was a doggy bag. They went to Billy lee's in Northbridge, and they had packed the leftovers in a paper bag and tied it up in a plastic bag. The leftovers went nicely with my salad.

Dinner at Work
Battered Pork Cutlets from Billy Lee's
with Rocket, Beetroot & Anchovy Salad

I rushed home after work to cook a quick dinner. It had to be quick because I'm on call tonight. I parboiled some potatoes while I had a shower. Then into the oven with some butter and cajun seasoning. Meanwhile, I cooked some prawns in my little Le Chasseur pot with olive oil, crushed garlic, chilli flakes and a splash of cream.

Creamy Chilli & Garlic Prawns
with Buttered Cajun roasted Potatoes & Rocket


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Anonymous said...

I lived on spinach and ricotta rolls at uni. Best thing ever invented :)