Saturday 22nd May 2010

For dinner at work tonight I brought some of Mum's cooking.

Mum's Fried Rice

In my opinion, you can judge an Asian cook by the quality of the fried rice they make. Don't laugh - fried rice may appear simple, but it's so easy to stuff it up! Ask any caucasion person trying to replicate the 'special' fried rice from their local Chinese restaurant. They're not going to succeed.

An Asian friend of mine told me how he volunteered to cook the weekly BBQ at his workplace. His Aussie workmates smirked but handed over the privilege to him. He showed up on the day, and wowed the pants off them when he treated them to a teppanyaki masterclass. He cooked the juiciest, most tender steaks and sausages for his workmates. He also cooked fried rice on the BBQ griddle for them. Time went by, and one of his workmates approached him at work one day and asked him how he cooked the fried rice on the BBQ - because when he tried it, the rice just burnt and stuck. As it turns out, he'd put raw rice straight onto the BBQ. *smirk*

Mum's Braised Pork Trotters with Ginger & Bean Curd

Can you spot the whole trotter?

I saw the trotters at the butchers a few days ago and bought some for Mum to cook. I love them. I wish they had more meat on them though. But I still enjoyed eating the skin and sucking up the gelatinous bits off the bones and cartilage.

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