Thursday 27th May 2010

This afternoon I went to Mr and Mrs Pelle's place for a catchup. Teresa also joined us after work and we sat down to enjoy some coffee and Mrs Pelle's homemade sweets.

I loved these little almond and chocolate meringue tartlets.

I made a stop at the the gourmet foods store in Centro Maddington to pick up these little goodies.

Cointreau & Mascarpone Apricots
Drambuie & Mascarpone Figs

They are soooo delectable and great for a little treat.

It was so nice of the Pelles to ask me to stay for dinner. How could I refuse!?

Mrs Pelle made pasta - just what I felt like tonight!

I forgot that pasta is usually just the first course! Lucky I didn't ask for a second helping of the pasta!!

Mrs Pelle also made some stuffed capsicums and schnitzel.

Mrs Pelle's been busy baking bread.

This would have been lovely to mop up extra pasta sauce - except, as you can see, there was none left in my bowl!

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