Tuesday 25th May 2010

Look what arrived in the mail for me today!

My free Continental Cup-a-Soup mugs!

I had one labelled with my real name and one labelled with 'JUST SAZ'.

I have a third one that I'm expecting any day now...

This afternoon I had a plate of chips and gravy in the food court of Centro Maddington before heading to work. I didn't enjoy it as much as I usually do as I've had a migraine for a few days now. It's all I felt like eating and all I think I can stomach.

I bought some jam and cream donuts and a jam and cream sponge cake for the girls at work since tomorrow is my birthday. I was feeling pretty crap and thought maybe some sugar would help. I had one of the jam and cream donuts. Then I had a second.

I had to leave work a bit early as I didn't manage to keep the jam and cream donuts down. Too many aspirins and panadols, methinks.

I got home and my tummy was grumbling. I didn't really feel like eating anything but I remembered I had a few cornjacks defrosting in the fridge so I fried them up and ate them with a cup of peppermint tea - IN ONE OF MY NEW MUGS!

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