Thursday 10th June 2010

Winter means more soup! Thick, hearty, delicious soups with lots of pasta!

Risoni with Carrots & Celery Soup

I love to pour alot of grated pecorino on. It melts into the soup and gets so stringy. Love it!

I put basil in the soup, but I also love to serve with some fresh coriander. It adds a fresh, crunchy texture to the dish.

What I love about this soup is that it always turns out different each time I make it. I don't follow a recipe so the quantities of different are always different. One day the celery might be cooked until they're extra soft. Another day they might retain some of their crispness. I might add zucchini or speck. I might not use chilli flakes but add fresh cut chillies afterwards. I might add more different vegetables and not add pasta. It's always a different dish and that's why I love it.

Tonight I made it so that it was mostly risoni, with some carrots and celery through it.

I could sit and eat this all day.

With lots of cheese and a large glass of red wine.

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