Thursday 3rd June 2010

I stayed home from work today to recover from my relapse yesterday. This is turning out to be a really miserable last two weeks for me overall. I hope next week is better.

Mum brought home some soup for me from her work.

Chicken & Asparagus Soup

For dinner I threw together something quick.

I cooked the onions first, then threw in the mushrooms and pork chipolatas for a few minutes. I didn't cook them all the way through. I removed them from the pan and sliced them up. They can finish cooking in the oven.

I wrapped the mixture in several sheets of filo pastry that I had brushed with butter. I brushed butter over them after they were rolled up and baked them in the oven until the pastry was a golden brown.

Pork Chipolata with Caramelised Onions & Mushrooms in Filo Pastry

I served with asparagus spears and some of Teresa's chilli jam I found in the fridge. The chilli helped relieve my congestion for a while.

I wasn't satisfied after though...I really wish I had made soup instead. Nice hot, hearty pasta soup.

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