Wednesday 8th September 2010

I drove in to work this morning to avoid having to walk through the rain. Driving to work means being able to eat breakfast in the car!

I marinated a chicken tenderloin in olive oil and Masterfood's Portuguese chicken herbs and spices the other night. I baked it in the oven while getting for work and then placed it in a sourdough roll. Yum! Perhaps next time I can put avocado in there so that it's a bit more moist.

After work I went to Marissa's for dinner.

Marissa made some spicy beef meatballs and I helped to cut a fresh baguette I bought from Jean Claude Patisserie. We arranged everything else onto a platter and sat down to a tapas style meal.

goat brie
chicken pate
Mr Pelle's chorizo
spicy tomato and truffle relish
garlic butter
marinated olives and chillies
sundried tomatoes

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