Saturday 20th November 2010

Morning Tea at Work
Mini Pizza with Chilli Salami, Black Olives and lots of Mozzarella

875 Albany Highway, Victoria Park

After a mad rush getting home from work, showering, changing and getting picked up, we made it to the restaurant in hopes that it would be a better experience than the last time we were there. Kong found a hair in his chicken and the service was pretty bad.

Well, we were not impressed this time around either. We were shown to a booth that seats four people, despite our reservation being made for five people. One of us has to sit on a chair at the end of the booth, which was in the way of people walking past. Actually, with the chair there, no one could have walked past. They would have had to go around.

After about fifteen minutes of perusing the menu and catching up, we were eager to order as we were all hungry. (Aren't we always!?)

We tried to get the attention of a staff member but they chose to ignore us. Finally, the guy who seated us, who we believe to be the floor manager, came up to our table and we were about to throw our orders at him when he barked out, "Let's go. Let's go, come on. Move to the next table. It's bigger and then we will take your order. Let's go."

I was appalled. I glanced across at Ling and I saw he wasn't too impressed either. We felt like we were sheep being herded. We gathered our things and moved to the next table. Now, under usual circumstances we would have kicked a fuss and brought to the guy's attention how rude he was being, but we saw that the booth next to us was indeed bigger so we would be more comfortable in it. So we kept quiet and shuffled over. We waited until the floor manager had gone before we burst out in incredulous disbelief at how we had just been spoken to.

On top of that, he did not come and take our order. We had to wait another ten minutes or so before we were able to catch the attention of someone.

Our food came out rather slowly, one after the other. The waitstaff were pretty unfriendly, unenthusiastic and overall just plain rude. We had some of our food simply dumped on the table without a word. My head was sore from all the head shaking I did.

We shared some Prawns.

Erm, this was Ling's dish. It looks like noodles and...I have no idea!

I had to say though, I did enjoy my bowl of 'Bun Bo Hue' but I think I will be boycotting this restaurant from now on. I'd rather drive a bit further and eat in one of the many Vietnamese eateries in the Northbridge area.

I think the only redeeming thing of our experience at To To's tonight was the fact that the staff member grossly undercharged us when he entered the bill total into the card machine. Now, being the honest people that we are and having worked in the hospitality industry, under normal circumstances we would have spoken up about being undercharged so much, but after the terribly service and the way we were treated, we saw this as karma evening out the playing field.

Shop 9, 66 Roe Street, Northbridge

Yes, we ate again later tonight. We went for supper!

This restaurant was a favourite haunt of ours back in the days of university. Now, we don't really go for supper often as we're all struck by exhaustion much earlier than when we were *ahem* younger.

We sat at a table outside in the slightly humid air in the alley way outside the restaurant. With all the younger, weirdly styled Asians swarming around us, it did feel like we were in Singapore or Malaysia, eating at a hawker centre.

Crispy Chicken

Ginger Beef

Crispy Garlic with Chicken

Sambal Kang Kong

All up, we paid for it what we should have been charged at our earlier dinner.

All in all, a great night!

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