Thursday 18th November 2010

Shop P141 Hay Street Mall, Perth CBD (above Carillon Arcade)

I must have looked at the wrong page in my diary because I showed up at work early. About four hours too early. So, I took the CAT bus into the city and wandered around in search of somewhere for breakfast. This place appealed to me because I was able to sit out on the balcony and watch people below.

I was greeted with a smile in my soy macchiato.
What an awesome start to the day.

Toasted Turkish Bread with Bacon, Egg & Tomato - $5.7

Oh my, this was sooo good! What an awesome idea for breakfast!! This is definitely worth recreating on our next weekend roadtrip.

Shop 5 & 6 Shafto Lane, 347-417 Murray Street, Perth CBD

I had lunch with Kong before heading to work.

Assorted Sashimi

The sashimi is no where near as good as EDO's but it's edible. However, there was a piece of squid sashimi and I almost gagged on it. It was chewy, slimy and rubbery. Really gross.

Dinner at Work
Last night's Lamb

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