Tuesday 16th November 2010

EDO Japanese BBQ Restaurant
320 Barker Road, Subiaco

Yes, we had lunch here again today. With this warm weather, all I feel like eating is sushi. Ironically, while my friends are all flying over to Japan for holidays, I'm in Perth satiating my own hunger by eating Japanese for lunch.

I was disappointed that my sashimi today was of a much lower standard than yesterday.

Compare the two.

Yesterday's sashimi.

Today's sashimi.

After lunch we went for coffee and cake. Yes, I've been eating out alot lately. I'm resigning my job in Subiaco so I'm trying to enjoy the food in my last few weeks!

Vince's Strawberry Cheesecake.

My Rhubarb & Raspberry Pie.

Roasted Lamb Rack with a Garlic, Sage & Macadamia Crust
Capsicums stuffed with Cous Cous

In a food processor, I blended fresh sage leaves,
garlic, black peppercorns, sea salt and macadamias.

I added olive oil to the mixture and molded it onto the lamb.

I wrapped the protruding bones in aluminium
foil to stop them from burning in the oven.

I also roasted some capsicums and stuffed them with cous cous.

For the cous cous, I finely diced some onion, garlic, roma tomatoes and zucchini and fried them. I then combined them with some cous cous that I cooked and added butter. After stuffing the capsicums, I added a bit of grated pecorino and baked them in the oven for a further ten minutes.

I put way too much garlic in the crust!

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