Saturday 22nd January 2011

One of the girls at work brought in a huge tray of cupcakes today and I nibbled away at three of them with my coffee for morning tea. On days when I have a sweet tooth, butter frosting hits the spot.

Hoy Soy roasted Chicken with Vegetables

In my challenge to try to clear out the freezer, I found these drumsticks that I had marinated in olive oil, honey, soy sauce and garlic. I found them in a zip lock back at the rear of the freezer on the bottom...stuck to a pool of the marinade that had leaked out of a small hole in the bag. I cleaned out the freezer and thought what better time than now to eat the chicken! It's probably had a few months to absorb the flavours!

I coated the baby corn spears in the pan juices and that's why they look so darkly coloured. Lots of delicious honey soy juice in the pan!

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