Saturday 25th December 2010

Yep, it's that time of the year again. The time for friends and family to gather together in the stinking hot Australian weather to eat and drink as much as we can and be merry. For me, Christmas is not about the giving of gifts or the expeditions to get through the crowds at the shops to get presents. It's all about the people we surround ourselves with and the coming together of families and friends to share in the annual ritual of feasting and taking it easy on the festive break.

We certainly feasted today.

Ling braved the extreme heat out on the balcony to cook our bbq meats for lunch.

I made a few platters.

Kong brought wantans.

After lunch of hot dogs, chicken wings and all things meat, we eventually gathered up the energy to head down to the pool for a swim to cool down. In the afternoon we entertained ourselves with a fantastic game of Monopoly - I say fantastic because it was a fast paced, hilarious and exciting game - and then it was my turn to brave the heat out on the balcony to cook our seafood dinner.

Scallops, Tiger Prawns and Lamb Satays.

I marinated the scallops with Ian's Harissa paste!

Shallen demonstrated how to fry eggs in Meng's pan without burning them.

Potato Salad

We finished off the rest of the chicken wings!
...or should I say, Shallen finished the rest of the chicken wings.

The piece de resistance -
Meng's steamed Fish with Shitake, Ginger & Soy

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