Saturday 8th January 2011

I got alot of housework done today.

1. Laundry
2. Watering the garden
3. Cleaning the aquarium
4. Laundering the bed sheets.
5. Vacuuming
6. Mopping
7. Removing LAN cables from around the house
8. Grocery shopping
9. Visiting the pet store
10. Taking Simba for a walk

I think I deserve to relax for the rest of the night!

For the past week, I have been undertaking a personal challenge in the kitchen. Essentially on my own at home (peace at last!), I have set the challenge of trying to clear out the freezer. I am not going to buy any meat but instead go through the freezer and thaw out what I can find. I can buy fresh fruit and vegetables, but I want to keep new purchases to a minimum and also try to make use of what I have in the pantry.

Sazzy's Bun Bo Hue

Dad was home tonight and I also made him some. It's very rare that either Mum or Dad eat my cooking, so I did feel a sense of pride when Dad asked if there was anymore after he polished off his bowl.

I found a dozen oysters in the freezer last night and thawed them out overnight. Since they've been frozen for quite some time, I'm not going to eat them 'el naturale'. I noticed that one of the oysters had a second oyster formed on its shell. It was closed and so I didn't think of shucking it open. Instead, I rinsed the grit from each oyster.

A few moments later, I noticed that this second oyster on the shell had opened up and there was indeed a small oyster in it! Score! I got a baker's dozen of oysters! What a lovely surprise =)

I found some bacon in the freezer and sliced it up. I added tomato sauce, bbq sauce and worcestershire sauce and spooned a bit of this mixture onto each oyster. I baked them in the oven for between five to ten minutes.

Oysters Kilpatrick

I polished them all off.

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