Wednesday 29th December 2010

For working the Christmas period, work bought me these flowers. I think is the second bunch of roses I have ever received in my life. I love the large yellow ones. Most of them were still buds so I'm looking forward to them opening up during the week.

Mum's Wantan Soup

388 Fitzgerald Street, Northbridge

We went out for dinner tonight to celebrate Mum's birthday. Jocelyn chose this restaurant because she's been there before and says that they do an awesome Peking Duck dish.

That's what we started with - Peking Duck. The service was a class above the usual Chinese restaurant. Instead of just dumping the plates onto the table, the staff prepared the crepes on the table next to ours.

The pieces of duck had a generous amount of meat, which we were all really delighted with. I love the crispy duck skin.

They also prepared the Sang Choy Bao in this manner too. They scooped the meat mixture into the lettuce leaf and then passed them over to us. A bit messy to eat but they were tasty little starters!

Egg Yolk Prawns

Black Pepper Beef

Tooth Fish and Shallot Claypot

Garlic Kai Lan

Cashew Chicken in a Noodle Basket

I was in awe of this deep fried noodle basket - shaped like a gorgeous flower!

We shared dessert afterwards.

I haven't had Deep Fried Ice Cream for over ten years!

Banana Fritter & Ice Cream

I have to say, I was rather heppy with the service and the food at this restaurant. I may have to take my Peking Duck loving friends here one day!

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