Monday 14th February 2011


Today turned out to be such a lazy day. I left my aunty's apartment in search of breakfast. I crossed the street and went to a small food centre. I planned to try something different for breakfast but I couldn't resist...


For morning tea I had Nasi Lemak - SD$1.30

The rice smelled gorgeous as soon as I spread open the banana leaf.

Ikanbilis, egg omelette and chilli. Yummo!

After a late morning nap, I went across the street to the Lot 1 Shopping Mall and had lunch.

Yong Tau Foo - SD$4.40

I spent a few hours having my hair done. Then I went back to my aunty's house and babysat for the rest of the afternoon.

Dinner was a home cooked meal by my aunty. Like I said, I really couldn't be bothered going out today at all.

Ginger Beef

Sweet & Sour Fish

I don't know what vegetable this was, but it tasted like a cross between choko and zucchini.

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