Tuesday 8th February 2011

I’m in the process of emptying out the fridge of all fresh ingredients, so today for lunch was another salad of baby cos, roma tomato, a boiled egg and a small can of tuna.

Tonight I had some friends over and made a big pot of my bun bo hue soup. In our hunger, I forgot to take photos until after everyone had made up their bowls of noodles, sliced pork belly, beef balls, bean sprouts, sliced onion and fresh mint.

While slicing the pork belly, I noticed a few teats on the skin. tee hee

For dessert, we had a Sara Lee Cookies & Cream Bavarian Cheesecake that Kok brought over. Ling was in the mood for an affogato but since I didn’t have any ice cream, I made him one with a slice of the cheesecake!

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