Monday 21st March 2011

I seem to have a strange collection of things in my fridge at the moment. Last night it took me a while to throw together a salad to bring to work for lunch today. This is what I came up with:

Lunch at Work
Fig, Blueberry & Rocket Salad
with Almonds and a White Balsamic Dressing

Yes, it was more like a fruit salad! It's been difficult to find nice, fresh figs while they've been in season. Either they're too expensive or affordable but over ripe and split open or growing mold. I finally found a couple that I thought were nice but one was good (the one you see in the photo) and the other was bad when I cut it in half.

For dinner, I thawed some fish fillets. I layered slices of fresh tomato, coriander, a generous spoon of sambal belachan and the fish on some baking paper and baked it for about fifteen minutes all wrapped up.

Baked Fish with Sambal, Coriander & Tomato
with a side of steamed Baby Corn Spears & Asparagus

I met with some girlfriends for coffee after dinner - it was too hot for a coffee so I had something cold instead.

Soy Ice Coffee with the Works!

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