Tuesday 12th April 2011


In a bowl, I combined some ricotta, finely diced mushroom and
some chopped spinach cubes from the freezer that I thawed out.
Salt and pepper to season.

I made a rich tomato sauce with diced onion, crushed garlic, chopped parsley,
basil, a can of crushed tomatos and a dash of worcestershire sauce.

I cooked some canneloni tubes in salted boiling water
and then stuffed them with the filling.

Laid the canneloni tubes in a baking dish, poured the tomato
sauce over and baked in the oven for about fifteen minutes.

One word. Delicious.

I bought a bag of tomatos for only $1.99 so Mum was inspired to cook one of my favourites for my dinner. I found a bottle of Tobasco in the pantry that I forgot about and poured a generous amount over dinner. Gosh, I love Tobasco. Tobasco and eggs. Match made in heaven.

Mum's Bacon & Tomato Omelette

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