Sunday 8th May 2011

Each year for Mother's Day it's the same thing. We ask Mum if she wants to go out somewhere for lunch or dinner. Dim sum? Coffee and cake?

Each year she replies that it's too much bother and she either can't be bothered or she doesn't want us to spend the money.

However, if we decide not to do anything, she will later ask 'Oh, so we're not going out for dinner then?'

For the past few years we just get some takeout and eat at home.

Jocelyn and David picked up some really good Chinese takeaway from somewhere in Morley.

Prawns with Vegetables and Cashews

Char Siew Pork

Roast Pork

Roast Duck

No Asian dinner is complete without some Vegetables.

The pork crackling was superb.

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