Thursday 26th May 2011

Another year, another birthday.

The girls at work decorated the lab with balloons and banners for me today. It made coming to work not so bad.

Last night I made Hedgehog Slice instead of getting a cake.
Oh my gosh, it was so decadent, if I do say so myself!

Sausage Rolls from Woolworths

Rucha's daughter's Pizza Scrolls

Alison brought a cake in!

Lidie made South African Pastry things soaked in Syrup

Lidie's lunch of sausage roll and eggplant

Later in the evening, I realised I didn't bring anything for dinner and Ian kindly donated the lunch that he never got around to eating. Woo!

Roast Beef,Beetroot & Salad Roll

Mum made some Combination Ho Fun

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