Tuesday 17th May 2011

Between work and preparing the house, I haven't got much time to unwind, let alone celebrate my birthday this year. I figure I'll forego a big party until the big three-o next year.

Instead, I had a few friends over for steamboat!

Capsicum stuffed with Fish Paste

Chicken Thigh seasoned with ground white pepper,
soy sauce, sesame oil and a cracked egg

Squid and Basa fillet
seasoned with ground white pepper and soy sauce

Prawns and Scallopsfrom the freezer

An assortment of seafood dumplings and Tofu stuffed with Fish Paste

We always need some vegies - Wombok and Enoki

This was my second bowl!

Dessert was some Mango Jelly that I picked up from 99 Seafood.

Meng...did you miss out!

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