Saturday 28th May 2011

As soon as all the early work was completed, I made myself breakfast.

Kraft's Easy Mac

This instant macaroni and cheese is available in a cup or in a sachet. I think that the sachet tastes better than the cup, even though it requires a bit more effort to prepare.

Shop T054, Great Eastern Hwy, Midland Gate Shopping Centre

Ivy ordered some entrees for us to share.

Assorted Tempura

Assorted Sushi

I had the Sashimi Set for my mains.

Thuan's Unagi

Long's Unagi...or at least what's left of it!

Ivy had the Soft Shell Crab

Benoit ordered the Beef Tataki, not realising that it's pretty much raw! Some of us helped him eat it and it was divine! The meat was so tender and melted in your mouth!

You're a big kid now, Benoit!

I must say, the cake was really good! I usually don't eat birthday cake because I never get a small enough slice and it looks rude to leave any of it uneaten. However, I polished off this slice. The custard was so light and the overall cake wasn't too sweet. Very nice!

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