Saturday 9th July 2011


The Benoit gang came over for dinner tonight. The theme was Korean!

I cooked some rice using the rice cooker that Dad bought for me for the first time. Benoit and I cooked the dishes and then we all gathered around the table to devour it.

Chicken with Capsicum and Bean Sprouts

Beef with Enoki

Pork Belly with Wombok and Shitake

I made a cold Sweet Potato Noodle dish

Kong brought Kim Chi Omelette

After dinner, we sat around sipping on hot tea, coffee, port and my homemade fruit liqueurs. Despite the freezing temperatures outside, we braved the cold to stroll down the street to some uncleared land where we searched for wild watermelons by the lights on our mobiles. We spent about half an hour playing lawn bowls with the melons before we hurried back to the house with the largest watermelon we could find.

Benoit practiced his pumpkin carving.

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