Saturday 17th September 2011


I was the last to hit the hay last night, I was the first to get up this morning and start breakfast. Woo!

Mushrooms & Tomato




and a mountain of Toast

After breakfast, we headed out to a few wineries for some wine tasting.

Goats! No, these weren't for lunch.

We stopped at the Bootleg Brewery for lunch.

Hot Chips!

We stopped by at Saracen and Duckstein.

We drove to Busselton but it was too overcast and gusty to walk out on the jetty.

So, we sheltered in the Equinox cafe for a coffee instead!

Back at our holiday home, I used up the left over bacon and eggs from breakfast to make an afternoon snack. Bacon and egg sandwiches. Yum!!

On the way back to the house, we picked up some groceries for a big feast for dinner. We were lucky enough to be able to find some fresh crabs and mussels. Benoit wanted to try making Singapore Chilli Crab and I had brought all the ingredients from Perth.

Long cleaned and prepared the crabs.

Benoit started on his sauce while I cooked 2kg of Chilli Mussels. There weren't lids for the larger pots so I had to make do with an upturned pan.

For sides:


Seasoned Wedges

Microwaved Man Tao
We also had Garlic Bread for mopping up all the sauces.

Chilli Mussels

Benoit's Singapore Chilli Crab!


Happy birthday Ivy!

When everyone had gone to bed, I stayed up to snack on all the leftover mussels! Earlier in the night I had tried roasting a marshmallow but it had gone up in flames and I lost it to the fire. Just before bed, I tried again and success! Mmm, gooey.

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