Saturday 12th November 2011

Aah! The day started with dim sum with friends.

Yum Yum Yum!

Shop 5, 113 Collins Road, Willetton

And I'm back here for dinner again! Jocelyn has been wanting to try this restaurant for a while now so we took Mum tonight. Mum is such a huge critic when it comes to eating out. She doesn't really like to dabble in other cuisines so we usually take her out for Asian. However, because she is such a great cook herself, she usually ends up either not liking the food or dissecting all the ingredients in each dish and telling us how easy it would be to cook it at home.

Tonight, however, she really enjoyed the food.

Honey Prawns

We didn't really like this dish. It tasted like the prawns had been deep fried much earlier and the sauce simply coated over them because the batter on them were soggy and not crisp.

Roast Duck

It's a pity Jocelyn forgot to ask for it to be boneless!

Spinach in Crab Meat & Egg Sauce

I really really like this dish! I wish Mum would recreate this one at home!

Sweet & Sour Fish

Definitely the runner up dish tonight! Delicious, crispy battered pieces of fish.

Jocelyn and David shared the Deep Fried Banana with Vanilla Ice Cream.

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