Thursday 20th October 2011

I woke up early this morning and made a phone call to the Rose Heritage Garden in Carmel. I wanted to check that it would be okay for us to have coffee there and bring my neighbour's dog along. The girl on the phone assured me that it was okay and so we made the drive out there.

I was eagerly anticipating the gorgeous flowers that would be in blood. The gardens did not disappoint. The place was still very quiet as it was rather early. I went inside to check if they had assigned a table for us but then the gardener (who turns out to be the owner) told us that we couldn't have our dog there. Apparently someone's dog had attacked another dog not long ago and since then the council had removed permission for them to have animals on the premises. Understandable, but it really annoyed me that I had taken the trouble to call up ahead to check and had been given the wrong information. We were all a little stressed but had no choice other than to quickly drink our coffees and then head off.

Not happy, Jan.


I brought along all the leftovers from last night's BBQ and we had a wonderful lunch today!

Squid & Asparagus Sambal Stirfry

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