Wednesday 23rd November 2011

Shop 14 Duncraig Shopping Centre, Roche Road, Duncraig

Tonight I was invited by some family friends to join them for dinner. They needed a sixth person to make use of some Scoopon vouchers they purchased to use at this restaurant. It was a bit of a drive up the freeway and the traffic was moving slowly but steadily so it didn't take us as long as we thought it would to get there. The restaurant is situated in a strange position with not much parking and up on a hill so it's a bit troublesome to park.

Upon entering the restaurant, we noticed the lovely decor but were immediately struck with how warm it was inside. They had just opened for the dinner service but hadn't thought to turn the air conditioning on so it was stinking hot! Not happy Jan. We asked them to switch the air conditioner on but they waited until a few more tables filled up with flustered customers before they complied with our request.

The food was average. It was good value for money to have the banquet between two people. It was advertised as a seven course banquet but they counted steamed rice as a course.

With a choice of four starters, we were able to each order a bit of everything to share.

Spring Rolls
Thai Fish Cakes
Curry Puffs
Salt and Pepper Squid
and complimentary Prawn Crackers

The spring rolls and Thai fish cakes were really good - piping hot from the deep fryer!

For entree, we could choose between a Tom Yum soup or a Tom Kha soup with a choice of meat. I chose Tom Kha (coconut soup) with Prawns. I got one prawn.

For the mains, we tried to order one of everything we could so that we could share. The curries were pretty average. It was like they used the same sauce for everything but altered the colour of each.

Green Curry

Red Curry

We could also choose from a stirfry dish with a choice of meat. They were all the same combination of vegetables but with the meat that we chose. I think it was out of chicken, fish or beef.

Dessert - Vanilla Ice Cream with tinned Fruit Salad

A pretty average meal. It wasn't authentic Thai at all. The most impressive thing was the spring rolls and Thai fish cakes! At least we were all stuffed!

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