Saturday 14th January 2012

279 Albany Highway, Victoria Park

We went out for dinner tonight to celebrate Shallen's birthday. We've wanted to visit this restaurant for a while now. I've never really been inclined to try the Mexican restaurants in Perth because they seem to just offer the stereotypical dishes like tacos and nachos. We were hoping for something a bit more authentic tonight.

We were not disappointed! Ling and Shallen ordered various dishes for us to share so I'll do my best to figure out what we had!

To start, we ordered the Guacamole a la mesa. It was prepared at our table and the black tortilla chips that accompanied it were gorgeous!

Empanadas de cangrejo
maize turnovers filled with crab meat

Camarones al la diabla
prawns cooked with achiote and cayenne, served sizzling

Ceviche de pescado
fish cured in citrus with mango, tomato, red onion and coriander

Mole del dia
half chicken simmered in a 'concoction' of chillies and spices
- I think ours was in some sort of sauce with chocolate!?

Tacos de carnitas
pork braised in citrus, shredded and panfried,
served with salsa verde on house made corn tortillas

Taco de nopal
sauteed cactus paddles with roasted tomato and chipotle salsa,
served on house made corn tortillas

Tamal de pato
duck confit tamale with orange and chipotle salsa

Arroz a la Mexicana
mexican rice

The verdict? We were all very impressed with the food! It was so wonderful not to just be served dishes using the same sauce and covered with cheese. Very spicy and delightful dishes!

After all this food, a bottle of sparkling, a bottle of white, and a bottle of red, we headed to Burswood for cocktails!

9/66 Roe St, Northbridge

Time for supper!

Japanese Tofu with Salted Fish and Chicken

Sizzling Beef

Crispy Pork Ribs


Kai Lan

This was the latest night I've been out for a while and I was kaput by the time I got dropped off home!

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